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Britain's leading shop END. Recently, along with boots Tricker's shoe brand jointly issued a joint series City Pack shoes. The two sides chose the classic Brogue Boot as the blueprint design paragraph, meet some color preference by a total of gray, blue and brown to choose from, to the maximum extent. Brogue Boot selected advanced Repello suede build, low shoes is Vibram Morflex Sole, looks very Classics from everyday wear. Followed by the Department also has a special weave pulling belt, it will bring a bit of convenience when wearing late. Three colors are used in the same Brogue Boot brown square shoelaces, with a silver perforated, starkly. Shoe inner liner chose more comfortable leather material, printed above Tricker's and END. The gilt words. The joint family are in Northampton factories all handmade, its quality is absolutely trustworthy. Today happens to be the release date, like it, you can now login END. To make a purchase. & nbsp;to tell you the truth, now say that something happened between art and fashion of the two, it is "a commonplace talk of an old scholar". Although fashion is "cheap" and gives us the most recent distance contact an art, but also as the image, painting and music carrier of various art forms, it is "symbiosis" and "complex" two concepts. But for us, not like scholars to discuss what relationship between the Balabala... because we contact but also those brands and artists (Art) cooperation. High fashion houses and artists' cooperation, its gold content whether you admit it or not, there are still people in the bag, even if the price is not beautiful as in the past. The long-term cooperation between LV and Murakami Takashi although already ended, but the words "bought can be appreciated". However, these brands like most of us see also really is. But to the small area, from most of our daily new jordans shoes for sale wearing street clothes, and the artist (Art) of the joint is not less than those. Between the Supreme and the art of joint cooperation, is already set a series of well known, of course there are many other brands are no longer one by one example. We consider as the field of fashion art has since "perpetual motion" motionless, will emit a certain brand of cooperation with other artists, with their works of art, the update frequency is not meant it all really so simple? So, we are not canmimic, making some of their art X brand cooperation? Next, we found a hard, even if you are not in this circle must also know the artist KAWS. KAWS x CampaignMay you hear the name , wondering how he is, "yes, I'm sure KAWS was recently mentioned, most of the artists. Whether it is Asia's largest KAWS Exhibition "from" end point or not, we expected to Biao "price" of the KAWS X Air Jordan 4 shoes, every aspect is enough to show that he is now in the end how much influence from all walks of life. for KAWS, the most familiar and most contact should be those X eyes of the cartoon image, and these spoof cartoon characters is not his early work. The earliest KAWS art image from the streets, by way of graffiti, wait for the advertising industry development gradually, he began his artistic direction transfer to the field of advertising, the New York Pavilion fashion posters posters throughout the two creation, adding their own iconic graffiti image. It is said that KAWS was a headache, often without action, maintenance personnel will start work not completed, graffiti after the whole posters to replace, then KAWS gradually became famous brand creation, graffiti also gradually recognized, to actively seek for cooperation. So the creation of the TOMMY HILFIGER, Ca〉, "Transformers 5: the last rider" is now on show, while Wahlberg, the actor Mar cheap foamposites for sale k, is not only a big fan of Jordan, but also a member of the Jordan Brand ·. days ago to publicize the "Transformers 5", especially with Jordan Brand to make a pair of shoes, the one and only propaganda. Mark · Wahlberg's original concept is to be like Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5, as the deformation that may be too conceptual and innovation, finally by Air Jordan 5 as a blueprint, but can still see many Transformers elements in them, vamp uses black with a plaid like bright color skin, very sense of Science fiction. But of course, the Air Jordan 5, "Transformer," has only Mark Wahlberg and has no plans to sell it.Converse's belonging to high-end extension First String and was born in the 70s classic 70s Chuck flagship model Taylors shoes magic, it is made through the people who didn't want to wear the ordinary version of the Chuck Taylors. With such a classic, handsome, handsome 70s Chuck Taylors features shoes recently released new color works, with green, blue and red color combination of classic form of appearance, but the three kinds of color is also the most common color First String 70s Chuck Taylors style. Shoes to keep the original details and contour in 70s, and will officially debut in recently, love friends do not miss. 33391405259942_940_500.jpg (146.42 KB, download number: 12) download Converse First String 70s Chuck Taylors new NEW 2014-7-14 17:33 upload 4711405259964_940_500.jpg (160.67 KB, download number: 12) download Converse First String 70s Chuck Taylors new NEW 2014-7-14 17:33 upload 53071405259929_940_500.jpg (150 KB, download number: 12) download Converse First String 70s Chuck Taylors new NEW 2014-7-14 17:33 upload 51931405259972_940_500.jpg (100.56 KB, download number: 12) download Converse First String 70s Chuck Taylors new NEW 2014-7-14 17:33 upload 00As everyone cheap jordans for sale knows, the Li Ning Co each quarter will launch a variety of basketball boots to satisfy the needs of basketball fans, in order to allow more extensive product line also in order to allow the public more selective, basketball boots from top to combat boots shoes series signature to the high price of the Goods are available in all varieties. boots. But unlike star signature models, the best real series shoes although the concern is not high, but the performance of each pair of shoes are so many basketball fans relish, not too fancy eye-catching color, no stars, the actual series of shoes with a lot of excellent performance gain their basketball fans from today Lining is the protagonist of the basketball report is such a shoe - Li Ningbingfeng (LI-NING Ice). 001IzPVqgy6NFPVyC5cba& amp; 690.jpeg (61.73 KB, download number: 0) download Li Feng (LI-NING Ice) Ningbing 2014-11-18 19:30 upload as a pair of combat weapon Ningbing Feng Li (LI-NING Ice) using the color black, red and blue design common, and in the outsole and Lining Logo position by the other color as a decorative designer, mastery of color even if handled properly, is the most common color is also left several a deep impression. The first glimpse of the double Lee Ningbing front (LI-NING Ice) you will feel it is too heavy, to help enhance the design although protective shoes, let the wearer without fear of injury, but there is no doubt that also makes shoes more heavily affect the wearer to play, but if you wear this up in Ning Bingfeng (LI-NING Ice) then you will find yourself before the judge completely mistaken, you will take in the hand feel and appearance opposite weight, and after wearing this pair of shoes can ensure you'll step ahead. Line design upper angular let this pair of shoes looks very domineering, it makes this pair of shoes are more aggressive and Cheap air jordans for sale more in line with contemporary people's aesthetic. It is worth mentioning that, Li Feng (LI-NING Ice) Ningbing vamp adopts Li Ning Co innovation "Water Shell" technology, this technology has been widely used in the Li Ning Co launched basketball boots and running shoes, this technology is a new technology which combines with water repellent, dense water repellent fabric and seamless technology the wearer, even if the encounter rain can keep feet dry time. 001IzPVqgy6NFPW5wmWe6& amp; 690.jpeg (56.24 KB, download number: 0) download Li Feng (LI-NING Ice) Ningbing 2014-11-18 19:30 upload in this double Ningbing Li Feng (LI-NIN0he probably expressed such several meanings: 1) looks a bit like boxing / wrestling wearing boots 2) by Flyknit uppers, seems to be high version of Free Flyknit, and Free Flyknit looks like a pair of socks 3) carbon plate in large area above the bottom of the crystal, has been extended to the upper middle 4) Air Jordan XX8 is very much like the next of kin his original: , rumor: Kobe 9 will be officially unveiled at the 2014 all star weekend rumor: Kobe 9 will launch two versions of help latest news: 9 suspected Kobe shoes will use Flyknit shoe?Air Jordan 1 Mid full white color has been added to 2014-05-21 02:00:08 Air Jordan 1 Mid always have a steady stream of color, overwhelmed by an all-white color of the Air Jordan 1 Mid and has pioneered some foreign shop shelves, shoe body composed of pure white, shoe body with two texture leather material to build, as well as the flying wing and Jumpman Logo gray rendering places, snow-white texture irresistible, summer is definitely a good choice! Earlier spy photos exposed for everyone this double Air Zoom Vick 2 again today exposed new details Photos, the first color is engraved OG classic white and red color, the details of the selection Logo embellishment Michael Vick, as we present a good personal atmosphere. I believe that with its multi-attribute set will be welcomed by everyone, it is learned the shoes will be July 2 overall sale, and interested friends may wish to look it. Nike Lunar Force 1 "Superhero" Collection New Release 2013-12-08 23:05:37 Nike Lunar Force which has a series of three double product 1 "Superhero" Collection exposure on the network, each including three color in inside with "Galaxy" "Lightning" "X-Ray" three themes to create three pairs of Nike Lunar Force 1, like their friends can look at. Superstar Experience All in Shanghai activities are now opening 2015-02-04 11:58:25 & nbsp; 2015 years Yes belong Superstar of the year. In order to better explain the "Superstar & quot; represents the spirit behind, January 31 held a lecture entitled in Shanghai flagship store Adidas" Superstar Experience All in Shanghai & quot; opening event. During the opening event on January 31, Adidas flagship store in Shanghai were deep inside and outside the adidas Originals Superstar atmosphere surrounded by black and white photographs on the first floor of a significant long history confirms this pair of classic shoes, second floor The main exhibition area in 2015 playing the latest advertising video, inspire and motivate people to innovate constantly. On the other side of the display area is stocked with exclusive treasures from Taiwan grass dad hardcore collectors, many very rare and precious adidas Originals Superstar pairs of parallel walls, carrying the adidas Originals brand Zhishizhizhong street culture and attitude behind the original. The experience activities from January 31 began will continue until February 14, consumers can feel nowadays adidas Originals Superstar leadership in popular culture in the flagship store. although Bryant is likely to lead to reimbursement of the season due to a right shoulder rotator cuff tendon tear, but this does not seem to affect issued 10 the latest Kobe. This has been scheduled for January 31 officially released, and wait until early February officially on sale overwhelmed has "Blue Lagoon" some shoes in Europe early release, release and HD object from the point of view of the map. immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: two years of EU anti-dumping measures against China's footwear industry have been running for nearly a year. Actively responding to next year's anti-dumping review is the only way for Chinese enterprises to break the export impasse. The day before, Quanzhou city shoe leather association held China chamber of commerce foreign trade situation analysis, 4 members deal with the EU anti-dumping lawyers gave a review of training classes for Quanzhou shoe. the main members of the lawyers Lingchen Pu said, will review to the export enterprises bring legal breakthrough opportunities, the precondition is that the enterprise must grasp the main points of different China review procedures of EU anti-dumping law, seeking the best breakthrough point, not for the benefit of the benefit. according to reports, whether from responding to last year, or from March this year Chinese shoe that try to apply for market economy status rejected the situation, the initiative throughout the anti-dumping procedures are in the eu. According to lawyers analysis, from last year's first instance of the overall situation, the domestic shoe prices to deal with the EU anti-dumping there are many errors. Among them, the most important thing is not enough awareness, passive challenge. Last year, a total of 163 shoe enterprises filed anti-dumping materials, while the EU ruling by virtue of these materials to, don't even go to the enterprise site sampling survey, 70% of the enterprises because the respondent materials not prepared or inappropriate by the EU to seize the loopholes. (editor in chief: admin)atmos_04.jpg (101.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-12 18:25 upload atmos_01.jpg (103.06 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-12 18:25 upload atmos_02.jpg (93.88 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-12 18:25 Puma atmos Jouetie, upload , Disc, Blaze, 00Y-3 2013 spring and summer Rade Hi shoes debut 2013-12-08 23:07:00 yesterday brought us a pair of made of flower elements; Y-3 2013 spring and summer Honja High shoes, today, we continue to bring you a new Y-3 product. This Rade Hi shoes changed the shoes of yesterday's skip color design, but with a simple design concept throughout the shoe design. The designer uses the white leather shoes to build body, equipped with EVA made comfortable soles, only on the tongue and heel is loaded on a black mark Y-3. In today's diverse shoes design, this minimalist style is also intriguing. Nike Air Force 1 Low Jewel new color matching physical map appreciation 2013-12-08 22:41:31 recently network exposure a new color Nike Air Force 1 Low Jewel Air Force in 2012, 1 was born 30th anniversary, the innovation in the Swoosh application, using the new design concept to create a new version of the small, the texture of the Nike Air Force 1 at present this new versions of the Nike Force 1 Air Low Jewel exposure information available pictures and city. Nike Air Force 1 Low Jewel item: 488298-408 expected release date: 12/2012 expected sale price: $90