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as Adidas signed a member. Young also received Adidas Kobe vino pack, and in the Ig on drying out, and in yesterday's season ending war, Nick Yang took advantage of the opportunity to teammate Kobe Bryant to a signature must be normal but the, but its usual funny than style will have a tragic ending. With the who played with Kobe and break the adidas shoes for Bryant to sign, for Kobe's personality surely we already know the end, boss must be refused, and the shoes thrown into a garbage can, tell him your nike shoes to look for my signature. but then Nikya on their IG drying out Kobe Pro signed after the game statistics, to express their excitement. Even if can't compete, Nikya also very excited, eyes blurred as in the past. we look at the boss's eyes source: sneakerbardetroitbefore we reported that Air Jordan 2011 Air Jordan injection and the year of the rabbit don't VII Retro the year of the rabbit don't note this topic Jordan Brand after two pairs of giant, once again published a pair of new year rabbit topic masterpiece. This time a year of the rabbit wave is Air Jordan 2 cheap foamposites for sale 011 Q Flight, however, is different from the preceding two paragraphs to white tone, this time the appearance of the black version of the spindle, all in black suede uppers Nubuck collocation black Fuse uppers, details on gold and red embellishment, is still double Jordan Brand this year the topic of shoes. This double Air Jordan Q Flight Year Of The Rabbit Jordan rabbit note is expected to be on sale in September, you want to start with fans may have to pay attention to. : Recently, New Balance introduced the new color of retro running shoes ML850. shoes are made of grey suede and black and white mesh fabric, complemented by purple and tender green in detail. in addition, shoes also use the ENCAP sole technology, make shoes more practical. at present, this section has been purchased at a franchised store. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:HYBEAST]went to the NIKE Basketball 1992-2012: Twenty Designs that Changed the Game special feature of the time, not watch yesterday Air Foamposite One friend, it can be introduced together with today's Air Flight jordan shoes online sale posite packaged together inspection. From 1999 the Air Flightposite, Air Foamposite One is a continuation of the style, the main design seamless wrap-shoes, was controversial crystal technology, breaking the traditional design rules of basketball. Air Flightposite using a zipper instead of traditional lace detail, more emphasis on the foot when the foot feeling parcel, Nike creative kitchen designer Eric Avar Air Flightposite considered a natural extension of the human foot, they wanted to create a kind of like being wrapped in enough liquid feeling section, and finally they developed this very avant-garde Air Flightposite. Air Flightposite now for you to send drawings and sketches of the first year, basketball fans must Favorites occasion! Source: Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb Cheap jordans online sp; & nbsp;Fire Redhas already reported Kobe 10, EXT, Mid, ", White/Gum" release detail maps. The shoes are wrapped in a single piece of leather uppers and dotted with "X" to ensure comfortable shoes, while highlighting , Nike, KOBE, X , and elements. 3D visual details of the decoration and the golden tongue logo, lace holes heel, to make shoes more clean atmosphere feeling ... Nike Kobe 10 Mid EXT color: White / gold number: 802366-100 CONVERSE's high-end line the release three double fall 2013 new products, the new series used hundreds of Japanese traditional cloth collage process and weaving techniques, to create a very special shoe design. Especially the first use of collage process Jack Purcell Johnny, very high-end fashion sense. Our favorite friends can keep a close eye on the details we have brought along later. summer, shorts certainly not less, the high temperature of 34.5 degrees and wearing 14oz jeans, really very sorry, but Levis Fenom launched a new Chino washing shorts, first talk about the cloth for processing after washing cloth wi jordans on sale mens ll be more soft, can let you wear more comfortable, and in trousers on the left there is a small embroidered Iname Logo, low-key and texture, and bordered the zipper head, change cloth, cloth printed with the words Fragment Deisgn, Levis e Shop want to start to purchase, price is very reasonable: 18900yen high popular Air Jordan 11Lab4 "Red" will soon be grand debut! also struck the double barrier summer hot shoes, Are U Ready? Air Jordan 11Lab4 color: red number: 719864-600 release date: July 11th sale price: $1999Hi, buddy! bring your dream, let us ride on the road. take your bike, let us use the wheel to measure life. 1. Schwalbes Procore dual chamber tire this is new for mountain bike tire system, it will tire is divided into two parts, the outer ring and vacuum tyre structure, while the inner loop is followed traditional tube structure. Different pressure of the gas in the outer ring and the inner ring, the outer ring of the pressure is low, can make tires grip the road better, and inner pressure is very high, firmly wrapped arou new jordans shoes for sale nd the rim, to prevent movement. The design of such , although slightly increased the weight of the tire, but can provide a stronger grip. Zackees 2. signal gloves if you are the leader of the team, it is not easy to tell the person behind the right direction. Zackees design of this luminous gloves, in the back of the gloves on the light-emitting LED lights. With it, when encountering the bifurcation junction, leader can raise your right hand, elegant to tell others what direction should go down the street and not shout themselves hoarse shouting. Calfee Design 3. design can be deformed single / double bike if two people out of romance, of course, hope to be able to ride a bicycle. But, at ordinary times also pedal a pair of bicycle, it is a very strange thing. So Calfee design designed this combination can bike, when needed, the installation of accessories, can be transformed, into a tandem bicycle, and usually is still a single bicycle. Skylock 4. solar lock to unlock the bike is no longer trouble, Skylock solar lock can not only through the phone to control the lock, and ev cheap air jordans en close to a certain distance, solar power will automatically unlock the lock. If you are a friend to borrow the car, Skylock solar lock can set the model of friends and relatives, so that friends can also unlock. Because of solar energy, so Skylock as long as the sun in the sun for 1 hours, enough to provide a week of electricity. Bygen Hank Direct Bike5.this is a structure on the innovation of the bike, it did not see the traditional bicycle chain sprocket and chain, it also does not require the front and rear transmission, it is very different. Bygen Hank's direct bike directly pedaling, direct effect on the rear wheel of the bicycle can avoid energy in the transfer process of damage, let the car feels more powerful and the structure is also more streamlined. Shimano XTR D〉 6.Star Games, Yao Ming has signed a sponsorship edge shoe shoe contract as Reebok spokesperson 2004-10-14 17:59:20 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close "Yao Ming shoe sponsorship contract has been officially signed, we will in the sub-Jin after the release of some information out of the race. "Yesterday," Team Yao "responsible person BenQ in Harbin told reporters, he refused to disclose any details of the negotiations, did not want to disclose who sponsors in the end is, but according to the reporter, Yao Ming and Reebok has signed. BenQ said that the reason you do not want to disclose this message during the Asian Championships, do not want this message to prepare for the impact of the Chinese team. In fact, on the 26th, the US ESPN website on the disclosure of this amazing news, news that Yao Ming and Reebok to sign a lifetime contract. The following are the reporters and BenQ's part of the dialogue - Reporter: Why Yao footwear sponsor to get it now, has been dragging for a year. BenQ: Nike's contract last year and before the end of May. Yao Ming's propaganda that period, should be Nike's own policies. Before the end of the contract and Nike, and others we do not talk. Reporter: Nike is the Chinese men's basketball team's sponsor, Yao Ming returned to China men's basketball team, then you have to wear Nike? Chapter: He is a Chinese team, definitely wear Nike clothing, but shoes are not only sponsorship issue, but also involves personal health problems, so should still wear their shoes. Reporter: Future sponsor will not give Yao a series, like Jordan series like that? Chapter: there is a possibility, but not yet determined. Reporter: Will sign a long contract, for example, lifelong? Chapter: If you do make a sneaker brand spokesperson, certainly can not be short-term. What is the concept of life-long, you do not think a player to a 90-year-old can also sell shoes? I think the players an old, certainly not as a spokesperson for sneakers reporter: this contract, what the obligations are to be borne by Yao Ming? Chapter: obligations and shoes are all brought to the same. To match with the company's products, the company's products with the public. Reporter: Reebok Iverson has been like this with a relatively wild people to do publicity, Yao endorsement Reebok appropriate? Chapter (laughs): You have asserted that Yao Ming and Reebok contract yet? This I do not want to comment, but it is certain that we will be very focused on protecting Yao brand. Reporter: O'Neal did not succeed in the shoes, how do you think Yao Ming shoe manufacturers to make a fortune, to sell more shoes? Chapter: Yao Ming and Shaquille O'Neal are not many similarities, from the sale of shoes speaking, if he can communicate with his audience, there is a spiritual dialogue on the form will affect fans, Yao Ming is such a person. Reporter: Yao on the court often directing his teammates, do you think he is now the team's spiritual leader do? Chapter: I can not say that he is the spiritual leader, because the national team a lot of good players, he was mature. I did not see him in command of the field between teammates, players in the field of communication is necessary. Finally, Chapter BenQ told reporters, Houston training began in the 30th, after the end of the Asian Championships, Yao Ming will soon fly to the United States. "Before, Yao Ming had intended to rest after the Asian Championships in two weeks, but because Championships postpone for two weeks, had to be adjusted in Houston." BenQ said. Related news