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during the 8 days of the 2012 Thomas Cup Cup ended in Wuhan, Chinese team won the championship, at the same time as the International Badminton Federation star strategic partners, provide equipment with high quality products recognized by the organizing committee.

double star provides accessories for the international tournament referee team, which includes long sleeved short sleeved uniforms, casual T-shirts, shorts, sportswear and other products. This is after the early 2012 Asian Badminton Championships volunteer and staff designated brand clothing, double star sports marketing in another move.

in binary short sleeved uniforms the international badminton federation officials into the stadium

is a group of men in the world of shangyoubei badminton tournament and women's team's highest honor cup, after the event again after a lapse of ten years to return to China, attracting the world's top male and female badminton national team. In high standard, large-scale international events, according to the binary tournament theme for badminton referee group design characteristics of equipment, by the Organizing Committee and judges alike. The International Badminton Federation vice chairman Paisan Rangsikitpho said: 'and talk about the cooperation between stars is a very precious partnership that makes us go hand in hand."

double star as a famous sports brand, since 80s of last century, it has sponsored sports activities and supported the development of Chinese sports. It is by participating in a series of events and activities organized by the sports field, which has promoted the brand image and laid the foundation for expanding sales.

recently, the network exposure with a red Swoosh LeBron 9 Elite PE, the use of black and white collocation, more prominent red Swoosh, see this pair of beautiful shoes, we seem to be back to the year three giant has just gathered in the blink of an eye, the big three have no time, hurried away too many things.

cooperation with the United States sports drinks giant Gatorade has been a long time, the classic "three Jordan in a drama advertising widely circulated in the smart Jordan Brand fans, naturally will not miss this gimmick, there is news that the latest" Gatorade "color AJ6 cooperation is expected to be released this year.

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