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2011-12 clipper round the world yacht race QingDao Railway Station partnership signing ceremony held at the Qingdao Olympic sailing center. As the strategic partner of Qingdao's major sailing events, the Double Star Group signed the contract with the organizing committee. The signing of the signing ceremony of seven units.

clipper round the world yacht race is the world's largest amateur yacht race, held every two years. The 2011-12 clipper round the world yacht race has set up 8 stages, stop the world's 15 port city, the whole 40 thousand miles, a total of 10 participating fleets, including a fleet of ships named "Qingdao no.". At present, the fifth stage is "the Gold Coast of Australia - Singapore - Qingdao" game, fleet is sailing from Qingdao to singapore. It is expected to arrive in Qingdao before February 23, 2012 and sail from Qingdao to California in March 4th. Star Group has three consecutive sponsorship of the clipper round the world yacht race QingDao Railway Station activities, has been involved in a number of sailing events held in Qingdao, including the first time in Chinese held international extreme sailing star cup and QingDao Railway Station, three consecutive Qingdao International Sailing week sponsored a series of activities, sailing related products have been developed accordingly complete part, already listed, received, this year will be more deeply involved in the sport of sailing.

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Take part in the Disney run

is criticized by people, you will be very angry, right? Last week, American female runner Michel · Kirk suffered a very rude "body shame": a man in the street accuses it of breast sagging, and offered many suggestions. Michel shared the matter on the face book, and the content burst into red, causing various arguments.

in July 11th, then posted on Facebook news aroused widespread concern: a 28 year old woman in Florida Michel · Kirk in pushing his 18 month old daughter, was a man riding a. At that time, the 3 miles (about 4.83km) were only running 1/3.

the man was "humiliated" in a rude way. "Not for anything else," he said. "You have to change a new sports bra. Your chest is a little drooping, and if you continue to run, the chest muscle fibers will be pulled and the droop is more serious. ' "And then he told me what they would be like," Michel said. I was stunned and completely unprepared. "

because of her daughter, she didn't want to quarrel, and she was worried about her safety. "His performance was like a day when he saw me. If it is so annoying, you can move your eyes away. But no, he was in front of me as if he wanted to get a response from me. "

Michel told him that all his sports bra in the laundry, and then swiftly ran. She called a friend, and she suggested that she should not go back to meet him. On the contrary, because of the indignation, she ran much faster than usual. She was doing his best.
came home, the more angry Michel was, the experience was sent to the personal home page of Facebook and the "A Year of Running" group.

"you are the reason why women have a sense of insecurity." Michel said, "I don't like my drooping chest, and I don't see me when I run. I will never stop doing what I like. I have too many ways to love myself, and I won't make me sad because of your hatred. "

Michel's face book has been shared more than 2300 times and has attracted wide attention and discussion. At first, she received some negative news about her swearing words in the narration, but most of them were supportive of her. 2/3's message was about the rude man's evaluation.

"didn't think it would cause attention all over the world, but I'm happy. I am proud to be able to influence the world in a positive way. Understand your own value, don't let anyone make you sad. " Michel has also received a lot of friends to share his own stories, some people say that she helped himself to see the flashpoint of her own, thus reaping more confidence. "This is what I want to do," she said. I want people to discover their beauty, even if one person is good. And I finished the mission. "

Michel started running shortly before she was pregnant >

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