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jogging can prolong life. According to the "Health Day" website reported that the study of Iowa State University, the University of South Carolina and Louisiana, the Pennington biomedical research center and other institutions on a large range of motion and death, every day as long as 5 minutes of running, can greatly reduce the risk of premature death of people.

, the latest research data, comes from the large data base in the Cooper clinic in Dallas and its institute. The researchers selected more than 55 thousand healthy volunteers aged 18~100 years from the database. They went to the clinic at least 15 years ago. In this group, 24% of them said they were running, but their usual running distance and speed were quite different. The researchers then looked at the deaths of these adults. During the 15 - year follow-up period, nearly 3500 people died and many died of heart disease.

, published in the Journal of the American Association of Cardiology, found that runners are much less likely to be ill than non runners. Even if the researchers considered overweight or smoking factors, the risk of death for runners was 30% lower than that of those who did not run, and the risk of heart disease was 45% lower than that of those who did not run. Even if they were overweight and smoked, the risk of premature death was lower than those who did not run, which had little to do with the latter's weight or smoking habit. On the whole, runners have a longer life span of about 3 years than those who never run. It is worth noting that no matter how long or short people run, they can benefit to varying degrees.

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