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simple marathon match can not meet the needs of all people, a lot of people running in the pursuit of health, and a distance of 42.195 kilometers is not everyone has the ability to challenge, have some fun run, run and become a popular theme, thousands of runners of the gospel, these activities not only suitable for beginners, but also for the the marathon runner provides a rich sports experience.

1, color running

The Color Run is a sport originated in the United States in 2011. It is called "the happiest 5 kilometers on earth." participants dressed in white T-shirts, and run through different color stations during running, will be sprinkled with colored powder from head to toe. In recent years, color running is becoming more and more popular in China. People's participation in activities is also increasing. In recent 30 thousand years, Beijing Railway Station has been robbed instantly.

2, Sparta warriors run

life is like a war. Why shouldn't it be running? The campaign was founded by 7 crazy extreme athletes and the Royal Navy. To finish the Spartan run (Spartan Race) of the whole process is not easy, including fire, mud, barbed wire, and all kinds of cruel hell want to finish the test, need physical strength and intelligence, the most important is the courage. This event has been introduced into the country in the past two years, and more and more people are involved in the challenge of self.

3, muddy running

muddy run MudRun is a worldwide muddy obstacle cross-country run, originated from the daily training of British special forces. Muddy running generally takes 16-19 kilometers long track in foreign countries, and arranges 15-30 crawls, including crawling, climbing, jumping and crossing. It uses fire, ice and electric shocks to enhance the level of stimulation to the competitors. In 2015, the company introduced it to China, with a total length of 10 kilometers and 19 difficult levels.

4, bubble run

BubbleRun bubble run, at 5 km on the runway, 4 color bubble "Castle" super power station, big fan spewed red yellow green and blue bubble, filled the runway, rushed out from a pile of bubble, let you feel in the dream world, compared with other types of running activities. The bubble ran more safe and stimulating, which can give each other happy, you bring in the scorching heat and cool infiltration.

5, Anta City Orienteering

these events have in common, they are from abroad, in recent years in China and is the individual air plant, sports experience.

this year, Anta heavy build a fun city orienteering, with # hi run # city as the theme, several interesting points set in the 10 km race this weekend, JiNan Railway Station game including "old spring force to support" and "Cross Fire", "Ling Bo." "search >

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