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this article is not suitable for all the runners to see and execute.

if you are a "heart run" runners, run only in 10K/ weeks, then you can according to their own preferences to complete your "running log", the log should be the scenery along the road, running thoughts and life that makes you want to start running the plot...

but if you are a single distance can reach more than 10K of the runners, if you want to improve your grades, find their own peak exercise performance, and desire to write their own name in the hall of the marathon runner, so you should have a copy of their own running log.
What can
run training logs bring to us?

records movement performance under different circumstances and finds its own motion performance;

knows his illness and prejudges the danger;

knows the use of its equipment, finds the most suitable sports equipment and knows the frequency and time of their replacement;

is fully aware of the various indicators of your exercise (including: static heart rate, maximum heart rate, maximum oxygen uptake, etc.) to prevent the emergence of crisis.

so how do you make your own running training log?

each person's running training log items are different. They always have their own priorities, but the following items are the necessary basic projects, including

weeks, dates. The basic query marking can also show the training process.

physical condition. Is it all injured? Do you drink alcohol? Sleep, diet, morning heart rate, these are to decide whether you are an important indicator of running training. The training accident can be prevented to the maximum extent.

target. This is a key indicator of what kind of training you take, and it is also a sign that you check the log according to your running skills.

training program. It includes two contents of quantity and mode. For example, 10K's intermittent run training.

reached an article

run. Actual running record.

often. The amount of running takes time.

running shoes. Record the mileage and know when the running shoes should be replaced.

environment. Yin? Fine? The rain? The snow? Meadow? Plastic runway? Meadow? These environmental records provide analytical data support for sports performance.

heart rate. The average heart rate and the maximum heart rate were recorded in the exercise.
is the content of running training log. Runners can use heart rate belt and running APP to provide training data for running training log more scientifically and accurately.
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