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Electric Run

youth has no limit, movement without boundary. In August 13th, the unified Black Tea thermal power to run ice will visit the Beijing Chaoyang Park, you run with full heat, give you a crazy plan to find an outlet in the Olympic month!

do what you want to do. You are very Rio tonight!

runs to the hot wave from the attributes of the tide, the red people and the carnival, and the most important thing is to be brave to be brave! If you are tired of the insensitive self in front of the office computer, or are you fed up with the indifference of an air-conditioner, why not tear away the regular labels? Let yourself go crazy! Not fatigued by a long journey to Rio, thermal electricity to run the Rio Carnival Night can still meet you!
The replica of the August Rio Olympic Games, expected by
, is coming online! In addition to the limitless yearning for the Rio scenery, and the passion that is awakened by the sportsmanship released by each frame of the athletes. There is just such a theme party to set up your passion and guidance everywhere. In August 13th, we watched the Olympic Games on the Rio Carnival Night.

ten theme park, with your clearance carnival, gas field full, SAIC Buick Weilang lead the night! From the bright column of departure, the fresh and romantic rainy night forest, the colorful road built by giant LED, the candy garden filled with inflatable candy and ice cream device, and the rainbow bridge interlaced by giant arch. When the theme park is mixed with the South American style, what kind of gas field will be hit?

who hasn't run through the hot wave, and our communication is still in the next dollar?

in the past three months, Guangzhou thermal power to run to conquer the waistline, also almost at the site in Quanzhou sprain foot, left footprints in Zhengzhou Carnival also met OPA Lala, the Silk Road of Urumqi, Suzhou Jiangnan airborne... Every time it is well deserved to become the whole city on the night of the hegemony of the city, the warm atmosphere of the carnival of thousands of people also proved that the popularity of the hot wave power is unlimited MAX! Look forward to continue practicing the advanced electric wave run, in the Beijing Railway Station will show how a real wave · non routine · electro luminous wet running · · carnival; electric run.

August 13th, thermal power to run the Beijing Railway Station will be on the line, always a little less so courage you will choose, this can only give you a mask, a skirt thermal power to run? Want to let oneself "Rio night" into the night scraper protagonist?

, our curiosity towards the world has always been more extensive in the brave exploration. Are you ready to take part in this exploration tour?

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