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With the pace of people's life faster and faster, accompanied by less and less time for children, how to prevent children lost?

in 2015, is located in the Dongguan Nancheng Guangdong Power Computer Technology Co., the company began to build up a children intelligent positioning shoes, the name is "smart tiger" positioning shoes plans to market in July this year. By then, the children wear the positioning shoes, parents through mobile phone APP will be able to control the whereabouts of the child at any time, to prevent missing.

, according to Mr. Feng, general manager of Guangdong Power Computer Technology Co., Ltd., in 2015, the company began to launch a child intelligent positioning shoes.

"our chip built-in compass +GPS dual-mode positioning system, can use GPS positioning, can also use the Beidou Positioning system." Feng said that the system automatically selects according to the strength of the signal source.

by the APP software, the guardian can on the shoes kids real-time positioning of the intelligent positioning shoes and electronic fence, WIFI hotspot location, Bluetooth antilose, trace back to look at other functions, a full range to prevent children get lost.

"positioning of our equipment also has a waterproof function." Mr. Feng said that because the design is reasonable, the positioning equipment will not affect the comfort of shoes, and the positioning equipment can be disassembled. When the children's shoes code becomes larger, the positioning device can be reused.

A: real-time positioning function
Data map
June 8th, Lianjiang Haidu reported a boy "awful" three days after the forced removal of testis. As reported in the newspapers for second days, a 13 year old Fuzhou boy Wen Wen (a pseudonym) running too severe because, cause spermary knot, fortunately timely hospital, emergency surgical reduction, "keep the egg".

the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University deputy director of pediatric surgeons Lin Junshan warned that testicular torsion is common, multiple at the age of 20, the golden rescue time is 6 hours, once the delay, only castrated. Parents should encourage children, the body has pain in time to say, parents should also send medical treatment in time.

only took 1 hours
from the emergency to the end of the operation
the evening of June 9th, Wen Wen run, suddenly feel right "balls" abnormal pain, unbearable. He hastened to tell the family, his family sent him to the emergency emergency the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University.

on duty doctors found that the position of the testes is higher and the pain is more obvious, but the appearance of the testis is not obviously enlarged, and the color is only slightly reddened. The doctor suspected that it was testicular torsion and immediately contacted color Doppler ultrasound. The result of color Doppler ultrasound is that there is no blood flow in the testicles, so the diagnosis of testicular torsion is correct.
child was immediately sent to the operation room. Lin Junshan, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of pediatric surgeons found that children on the right side of the testicular torsion 360 degrees, with twisted. The doctor removed 360 degrees of testicles and fixed the bilateral testicles to avoid a further twist in the future. The children from the emergency department to the end of the operation in just one hour, "egg" saved. In June 11th, the child recovered and discharged from the hospital.

testicular torsion is very common in sleep and may occur in

why does the testicle twist the knot? Lin Junshan says testicular torsion is very common, and intense exercise can cause testicular torsion. However, some cases of testicular torsion occur during sleep, which may be related to the intense contraction of the testosterone muscle in sleep. His department handles several cases of testicular torsion every year, but the proportion of the rescue is not high. Only one case was saved last year because it was too late to visit.

but Lin Junshan reminds you, and don't worry too much about strenuous exercise that makes the testicle knot. Because of the cases of testicular torsion, most of the cases have congenital structural abnormalities, and timely treatment is the key.

Li Dumiao, director of pediatric surgery the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University said that the testis is like a watermelon, watermelon is spermatic rattan, rattan hit a 360 degree node, the normal supply of water is not a long time, watermelon will fade. So after the testicle knot, the best time to rescue is 6 hours, the sooner the better.

the "egg" is to keep timely hospital, timely surgery. Some cases of testicular torsion, but the pain is not obvious and not severe, it is not easy to cause children and parents to pay attention. The above two doctors warned that parents should encourage children, and the body has pain in time to say. At the same time, parents and grass-roots doctors >

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