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by the popular star Pharrell Williams to build a new brand Cactus Plant Flea Jin Market, before the release of a series of hats, official says"... ... made possible by NIGO". The rough and unruly lines and sense of the "PLANT" word embroidery decorative cap, and at the same time bring green, khaki, brown and dark blue four choices.

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the arrival of summer, the children play outdoors more time, due to a fall resulting in fracture of the small patient has increased. Yesterday morning, the Red Cross Hospital Pediatric Department of orthopedics ward in Xi'an City, everywhere is the arm and leg splint plaster on the child, even the floor is full of beds inside. The doctor said that 80% small summer fractures are sick of elbow injuries.


tripped and tripped his left arm and broke

8 year old Jiao Jiao, who lives in Yanliang District, the left arm bandaged, lying in the corridor and temporary bed boring to toss about, the side to take care of Grandpa Jiao Jiao said on the first grade primary school, summer vacation and the children often play together, come back from a neighbor two days ago, the way to Britain to run results there was a small bench, tripped, left arm fracture, after admission is waiting for surgery.


played a scooter and broke a small stone and broke his right arm,

11 year old boy Xinxin home in Shangluo, the evening of July 13th play the scooter when playing on the road tripped over the pebbles after right arm fracture, also waiting for surgery. My mother said, son of the fourth grade, usually work very busy, vacation wanting to let the children relax, but did not expect out of trouble, one hundred days of summer vacation is injured in the sinews or bones, can not go out to travel.


2 year old fracture treatment was delayed by 8 year old girl to take advantage of the operation

8 year old girl sweet is taking advantage of the summer to Xi'an to do the surgery, at the age of 2 when she fell down from the bed to the left arm fractures, was in Yongshou County home treatment was delayed, the longer arm curving outwards, while off her mother took her to do the surgery, but the doctor said that after surgery has not completely back to normal.

> > give you a question of

why is the child's elbow joint easy to fracture?
The first reaction after
falls is to use the arm to support

"this summer, particularly small fracture patient, now live in 83, has added more than 20 beds, there are sixty or seventy children registered waiting beds, up to the day of the record is 97 children in hospital." Xi'an City Red Cross Hospital Pediatric Department of orthopedics nurse Liu Juan said, after the start of summer 6 to 14 year old school children especially, especially most of the fractures of the elbow, because beds tension, can only give priority to just fracture patients. Even so, children are more 30%~40% than usual. All summer children are more than usual, and this year is particularly prominent.
department director Miao Wusheng introduced, the child had a holiday, we play together each other running or pushing, especially boys love Dadanaonao, or football, cycling, skateboarding, accidentally fell to fracture. More than 80% of the children who were hospitalized for elbow joint fractures in the summer period accounted for more than all of the children.

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