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A sign for a run.

1, name of the run group:

East DDA run group

this piece of land in Shenyang, once the Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin has two brief Shenyang Barracks - "hub city" and "East camp". "918" incident, let the people remember Beidaying, in fact, Dong Da Ying also has extraordinary history, is a microcosm of the history of modern China. And the city is different, in addition to Dong Da Ying and military garrison, although several ups and downs, military education has not stopped. It is still a long history military academy, the Shenyang Artillery College, which is still in this heavy area in Dong Daying today.
ran group group exhibition.
2, running a slogan:

we are no more than the results, the speed, the happy running, the enjoyment of life.
enjoy running.
3, members of the run group:

, head of cuirassiers.
Dong Da Ying team's spiritual leader. Run alone for three years and find out the practical experience for the amateur runners. Experience with your own experience for teammates, run, injuries, practice methods, equipment and so on. To lead the beginner, amateur runners feel the benefits and happiness of running, and lead more sports partners to run and fall in love with running.

will run as adorable tertiary level, Cuirassiers is also a control equipment, color control. In the head of the regiment, running is better than bright and light. Because running and bright colors bring people a positive and positive attitude, which makes us run younger and happier.

pulsate pectoralis major muscle
pectoralis major.One of the founders of the
run group, the three swordsman in East Daying. The name, across the fitness and marathon two sunshine sports, which belongs to the marathon on the large displacement SUV, in-depth research on the field of supply and keenly aware of, salt pills, gels, bars, chocolate, banana, honey....... The car has oil to open, and he can run with supplies.

handsome tao.One of the founders of the
run group, the three swordsman in East Daying. It has the standard body of fitness private education, &, a marathon speed player, the most handsome in the horse world, and the fastest running horse in the health circle. Based on the asymmetric six pack and textbook before the feet running posture, attracting countless beauty on the runway with trailing run, not stop loud shouts of applause.

wind to follow behind him, the rain beside him to accompany him in the summer; the trees in the shuttle, winter snow in the sky in the light he chi. Who had injured dragged leg stump finish North horse, was awarded the title of Colonel Shencanzhijian track metrosexual man. The completion of the two Malaysia two and a half years of his horse, is due to a knee injury reborn, looking forward to the next PB metrosexual man!

captain Zuo Zuo Garmin
skipper. Dong Da Ying Yan is responsible for it. Not only a serious runner, but also a good man. download (150.62 KB)06-10-22 Nike Zoom Lebron III download (52.2 KB) download (37.67 KB) download (56.66 KB)

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