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running is the most common and the simplest way to exercise. If you persist in running for a long time, you can not only keep fit, but also lose weight and improve your own resistance. But you know, the wrong way of running can cause the spine to be hurt.

if you have a back pain after a run, you have to consider whether your running posture is incorrect. Because of bad running posture, it may even damage the spine and cause back pain. The bad running posture is divided into the following categories:

1. Excessive stride or improper arm swing
These two problems of
are the main reasons for back pain after running, because too much stride can cause runners' excessive twisting in running, and then affect the health of pelvis and spine. In the same way, too large a swing of the arm may lead to a spinal deviation.

2. Asymmetrical running mode

in fact, in the course of running, the runners can judge whether one foot is more powerful than the other only by hearing. If you find that there is a problem of asymmetric running, there is an inherent mechanism error in running mode, which is easy to be ignored, which is easy to cause foot pain and even injury.

3. The knee or hip varus to

runs inward during the running of the knee, which is due to the lack of strength in the muscles of the buttocks. When run, the knees should be kept with the hip width, once the hip muscle is weak, it is difficult to support the body weight, gravity will transfer to the knees, causing the knee varus.

4. The heel and forefoot type
distinguished type
heel runner, heel when the foot landing force of the larger, and front runner running feet before the stress more. Some runners forefoot problems because the front of the foot is not strong enough, unable to support the body weight. The experts explained that in a marathon race, most of the time should be in the hands of the foot, and the heel should be on the downhill.

runs in order to make our body better and better, not because of the wrong running methods to cause the opposite result. I hope that the introduction of the above can help you. (Xunyiwenyao)

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