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The running weight loss program is a way for every girl on the road to lose weight.

running is a proven way to lose weight is good, running on the body there are a lot of benefits to both men and women, old and young. And running weight loss program is a way for every girl to lose weight on the way to lose weight, but they can't stick to it. If they insist on weighing for months, they will not lose a few pounds. What's the difference between this ideal and reality? Is it not a way to run? What are the reasons for blocking the pace and the path of losing weight?

total failure to lose weight in running? Ignoring these 8 points, you can't lose

cause one: what did you eat after running?
burns a lot of calories, it will produce hunger, but be careful to face this feeling. The choice of junk food to fill the hunger is all about the end, and it's not long before you feel the signal of hunger again. After running, eat to ensure the nutrition of the food, the heat can not exceed 150 calories. If you exercise before the meal, you can eat properly after running, so the little editor suggests that if you want to eat, it's best to choose before the exercise.

reason two: maybe not

if you keep running for a long time still can't see the ideal effect, you can change the running plan. The calories consumed by a 45 - minute run per week and a number of 20 - minute jogging per week did not lose weight. If you want to lose at least one kilo a week, you must consume at least 500 calories a day through a different exercise and diet control. If running is to reduce weight, at least a Wednesday to four jogging schedule, the rest of the time to match the other fat movement is more effective.

reason three: calorie consumption is less than

after you run, that has consumed at least 500 calories, but please look at the following reference number, 68 kilograms of girls after jogging for 45 minutes of the total consumption of 495 calories, if you do not run faster than this figure long or fast, so every time you run the consumption of calories is not standard. The best way is to detect your own sports status at any time, and can be tracked with a mobile APP.

cause four: each running route is the same

if you are used to the same way and way of running, the body will form a fixed pattern that will enter the period of losing weight. Mixed running can solve these problems. Adjusting to speed, height and pace, even changes in the field, can keep the body strong and exercise state and accelerate body metabolism.

reason five: only care about the number
on the weight scale
running is one of the best sports in the lower body, because it can restructure muscles while burning fat. Muscle tissue is more closely than adipose tissue. Although you have not lost many kilograms in weighing, but waist circumference, hip circumference and chest size will obviously improve, it can also achieve visual reduction effect from appearance. >

Father's day to send a gift

this Sunday is father's day. Do you think of the gift to dad? If your father is a runner, you can be lucky to yourself, because you don't need to spend too much time thinking about what to deliver, no matter what it is, as long as it is running around the product, buy and buy.

compression coat

the summer solstice is coming. Most parts of the country begin to enter the rainy season. Drizzle may not prevent dad from going out for running. But in such weather conditions, runners should keep their body temperature in order to prevent a cold from getting sick. And a compressed coat can solve all the problems, in addition to the ability to protect the rain and heat, in the hot sun, it is also a necessary tool for sunscreen. In addition, it is easy to fold it into groups when you don't use it, and it's very convenient to send it in your pocket.

cross-country shoes

in the last few months, the number of Marathon events has been sharply reduced because of the hot weather, and the outdoors have begun to attract more people. If your runner dad is going to try to play cross-country, it's absolutely a good choice to send him a pair of outdoor running shoes, because for runners, there are not enough running shoes. But compared to the cross-country road race is quite different from the cross-country race track open strong track variety, if love dad's words, must choose a pair of excellent quality off-road shoes to him, Xiao Bian recommended Ultra Cardiac north of the shoes, wear it up as steady as a rock, excellent flexibility.

a short running T

for runners, a breathable T-shirt is essential. If you want to send dad a colorful and exaggerated one, you are all wrong. Now in the park, the road, everywhere you can see a lot of fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, the same type of different brands of the same short T. If you love your dad, please think more about him. Pick a low-key, comfortable and suitable T-shirt for everyday wear. I believe that Dad will feel your sincerity.


stopwatch may be a luxury gift for father, but the father is obsessed with running, this is a dream of the gift, Derek Forerunner the stopwatch to moderate weight, long time in running state will not feel very heavy, the most important is extremely simple to operate. The only thing to notice is that your father will show off his running data all day before you own it. According to experience, many runners are addicted to it.

event enrolment

maybe some fathers don't care much about material things. He would sneer at the gift of a precious gift. You really have to spend a lot of time trying to move this kind of runner, Dad. The marathon game means everything to the runners. Everyone wants to run the way to conquer a city, if you love your father,

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