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why many friends running will be injured, according to the "Harvard University news" statistical data show that the proportion of every injured runners up to 80%, the most common is running during repetitive motion and muscle pressure caused by various diseases can lead to serious.

most of the runners have been injured in different situations and believe that many people have the following experience:

foot pain

knee pain

black toenail


grind Xuepao feet

muscle injury


Romanov: 2 people are injured for every 3 people running

now this proportion has increased to 80%~85%

and the cause of injury is often caused by incorrect postures,

running injuries are caused by the accumulation of minor mistakes that are not easy to notice. If you don't correct these small mistakes, such as lack of warm-up, overspending, and bad rest. Maybe you'll be screaming after your self - examination: my God, so it's just that the running is not hurt!

> > the person who does not pay attention to the warm up, or the person who is insufficient in the warm-up,

warm-up is an integral part of running, especially for the warm-up before the speed exercise. It takes longer and more patience.

> > usually few run or run are very short, and a sudden increase in distance at the same time also increases the speed of

competition is a mirror of training, if you want to participate in the game, it must be trained, otherwise do not participate in the competition.

> > the training is not regular, the distance increases a lot or the speed is too fast.

increases and changes is a prerequisite for improvement, but there must be a degree, and it is recommended not to exceed 10% per week.

> > set an exorbitant goal for yourself.

makes reasonable goals based on past training and performance, or listens to your own high hand advice.

> > still reluctant to perform medium and strong training when it is in bad condition.
It is wise for
to take a temporary rest and passive rest in time.

> > continuous competition or intensive training in a state of continuous fatigue.

reduces the competition, reduces the intensity of training, and is a good runner.

> > while zhengjianghaoqing, whirlwind speed or run steep over the limit and people.

can be improved by the machine, but it should have a reasonable degree.

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