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Lin Kunyi, the runner, believes that the organizing committee provides more services than the city marathon, so the registration fee is worth more. The registration fee comparison of the domestic marathon competition.

in recent years, the running and sports are getting hotter and hotter. Senior runner Wang Xiaoyi a few days ago just to spend 599 yuan to grab a piece of the "2015 Chongli 100· super day; 50 km cross-country challenge match tickets, the registration fee of 499 yuan, the timing chip deposit 100 yuan. The 100 km project registration fee is 699 yuan, of which the time chip deposit is 100 yuan, and the GPS equipment deposit is 200 yuan. On Wang Xiaoyi's "deep poisoning" runners, due to intensive events and registration, accommodation and transportation, is not a small overhead. So, a business running competition with a sponsor is not supposed to pay the registration fee. How much is it appropriate to pay?

contestants say

registration fee is higher than

in fact, compared to the expensive cross-country, the domestic road race registration fee is not out of the spectrum.

the registration fee of ordinary marathon events in China is generally divided into 120 yuan, 80 yuan and 60 yuan, etc. the most expensive North horse is 200 yuan, and there are some minor events registration fees ranging from 20 yuan to 50 yuan. If in the domestic competition, in addition to the registration fee, transportation and accommodation fees, about two days down about 3000 yuan.
goes abroad, the cost is much more. The registration fee of the New York marathon foreign competitors is 266 dollars (about RMB 1650 yuan), and the Boston marathon is 225 dollars (about 1400 yuan).

long distance multi day cross-country competition, the registration fee is more exaggerated. For example, the world famous Gobi game, a cost of 50 thousand to 80 thousand yuan, the number of places still have to rely on robbing.

"there is a big difference at home and abroad. For marathons, the domestic registration fee is still cheaper. The highest price is Beijing marathon and Shenzhen marathon, 200 yuan, and Shanghai marathon last year was 60 yuan. I don't know whether it will go up this year. Most marathon registration fees are between 80 yuan and 120 yuan. " Lin Kunyi, a senior runner, has participated in more than a dozen domestic and foreign marathons in the past two years. In his view, the domestic marathon competition organization level and quality of service have improved, so 200 yuan registration fee is not expensive.

"the organizing committee provides a lot of service, send you a running dress, no matter what brand, at least 100 yuan. Most Marathon Organizing Committees also offer water supplies, functional drinks, medals, bath towels, time chips and so on, all of which require cost. It's 100 yuan to watch a movie now. Lin Kunyi said that the domestic marathon is rarely able to take back the cost of the registration fee.
In fact,
, Lin Kunyi hundred-percent is "civilian runner", he recently participated in a cross-country run by the congregation raised.

Yangzhou is more comfortable for the night runner.
the weather is still good evening, we always in the Tongliao campus, the park, on the road to see a runner's figure, they extremely lonely or, or in knots, with professional equipment, is very eye-catching. Both said, "the day is in the morning", but for the "night race", it may be said, "one day is the night". Then the choice of exercise at night, safety becomes a major problem that can not be ignored. The reporter learned that recently, a night running girl in Hangzhou was wounded by a gangster, the number of knives in the body, the cell phone was snatched. After seeing the news, the citizens were very shocked. At ninety p.m., there are few people in the big parks in the city, and the light is dim. The more the park is close to the park, there are fewer people. Therefore, the police prompted the night run, running second, safety first, night fitness also needs to fasten the "safety belt".

city phenomenon: the single female "night race" is really a lot of

around 7 o'clock every night, Liaohe Park in the mall can always see a number of "night run people". In the interview in recent days, the reporter learned that the "night race" in our city is quite a few, including some single women. Ms. song, 30 years old, runs a photography studio in Tongliao. Although she is busy with her work, she firmly believes that "no more exercise". From the beginning of June, busy business during the day, she moved the running time to the night. "Running at night can not only exercise, but also relieve the pressure of the day." Ms. Song said to the reporter. Ms. song also told reporters that in June and July when the day is longer, at 8 o'clock it is not black, but nearly a month, the weather is cold, less than 7 in the dark days, the road less and less people, go to the cell periphery Rao road running and a little scared, I was ready to stop for a period of time after the spring to night running." Ms. Song said. Miss Wang, 28, is also a typical "night running race". She has been holding on for half a year in order to lose weight. Miss Wang told reporters that they worked at a day in the daytime, but sometimes they could not rest at noon, so they could only finish their work after dinner at night, rest and start running. "Most of the time I run on the playground of Min Da, if the playground is not open, it's in the neighborhood or in the park." Miss Wang said she was a very safe "night running race". She tried not to run too late, and would rather not run if it was too late. "It's getting dark in summer, so it can be a little longer, but not more than 9 at the latest; it's too cold in the winter to run in the gym. Most of the time I run, no one, an hour or so to run. " Miss Wang told reporters that because there were people around the square dance, she was not very afraid, and she would not run along and listen to the song. "The first thing I didn't listen to songs was because I didn't want to run with too many things. The second thing is that if there's something moving around, it's hard to hear music in the ears. It's too late to respond." Miss Wang said. In the interview, the reporter learned that some citizens are very aware of the safety of the night run, but there are a small number of people who only run while listening to music.

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