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Data map of running back and back running

Fuzhou evening news June 28th (reporter Zhang Xu) recently, a video in WeChat circle of friends is hot, in video, a drowning child is thrown back, and the bystanders also call adults to increase the jumps. The video finally said, "please copy it, if the child drowned for less than an hour, it could be saved!"

however, professional rescue workers see this video and remind everyone, please don't trust or forward this video, because it may kill people. In fact, such rumours have been spread in the summer of previous years.

rescue personnel moved: "back running" may be deadly

yesterday, city red cross water rescue training support team for the video rumor. Professional people say that the main way to reverse the back is to control the water, which part of the water? If it is into the lungs and the water of the trachea, this method is not controlled, only the water in the stomach is controlled. But when people fall, the nostrils are upward and the mouth is above the nostrils. The water control process leads to the discharge of water and the contents of the stomach. It is easy to be mistaken and suffocate. Water in the stomach is not the main cause of death from drowning, so it is not the first problem to be solved after drowning.

if drowning's heart and breathing have been suspended, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be done for the first time, and running backwards is not only useless, but also will delay the rescue time.

should take cardiopulmonary resuscitation after rescuing the drowning

, "this video may delay the most valuable rescue time. Once we miss the golden rescue period (4 minutes ~6 minutes after heartbeat and respiratory arrest), drowning people really have no chance." Longzhou water rescue training volunteer service team Secretary Eric Tsang said on different degrees of drowning, rescue methods are not the same. If the drowning person has breathing and pulse, the rescuer can first dial 120, and then clean up its mouth and nose foreign body, it is best to keep the drowning person in the lateral position to wait for the rescue. If the situation worsens the respiratory arrest, the rescuer should immediately make artificial respiration of the drowning person, wait for the breathing and wait for the rescuer. If a drowning person has symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest without breathing or pulse, the most effective and effective first aid method is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and call the emergency phone to the hospital for treatment.

should follow the order of first aid in the implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for drowning patients. That is to carry out chest compression 30 times, then 2 times of artificial respiration, then 30 times of chest compression, 2 times of artificial respiration, repeat the "2 times 30 times" cycle. Normally, after 5 cycles, we should check the effect of resuscitation. If the patient has no obvious signs of recovery, it will be operated in 5 cycles. The time of cardiopulmonary resuscitation usually takes one or two hours. After rescue, if the patient's skin color turns red, the pupil shrinks, the spontaneous respiration is restored, and the large artery starts to pulsate, it shows that the rescue is effective.

prevention of drowning is more than 100 times more than first aid.

NB Zante V2 assessment: there is a lightness of shock absorption called nobility.

NewBalance is one of the four biggest sports shoes in the world. To tell you the truth, the University didn't know the concept of four big running shoes before. It was not until sophomore began my running trip that I began to learn slowly. NewBalance is known as "presidential running shoes" abroad. People just know when they think it should be good, after all, this name is placed there. This was also confirmed after 574 last year. As a professional sports shoe family with a history of 100 years, New Balance's insight into the needs of the runners is an important boost in the industry. NB's Fresh Foam is based on big data research and development. It takes software big data collection as the research and development foundation, striving for humanized experience, intelligent honeycomb design, and is a honeycomb structure built by bionics data collection. The visual effect is very obvious.

tester: Tiger lobule shrinking; age: 6 years

monthly running volume: 150-250KM weight: 69

foot type: normal foot arch ";"; ";"; "test": test site: plastic runway, highway,

1, open box and appearance details

shoe box packaging as always, in fact, most of the shoes of the shoe box are all the same. I'm now on two pairs of NB shoes, one pair of 574, and the other Zante V2 now. Zante V2 is very atmospheric in appearance, and has a very strong streamlined appearance. On the web search have many colors, I only see the real red and green fluorescent color I received. I feel a lot of choice for color, and every color is very bright, and (GAO) Bi (GE).

I received a fluorescent green color, and the effect was pretty good.

below is a network diagram, a variety of colors.

outer packing and open box
shoe upper is wrapped with a large mesh surface, and the air permeability is very good. At the same time, the weight of the whole shoe is greatly reduced.


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