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Do running shoes hurt more than good? Do you believe it?

, according to the Chinese science news, that human beings may be born for running, but obviously not for running on concrete. In order to reduce the impact of jogging on such a hard surface, the running shoes provide elastic foam between the road and the sensitive feet of human beings.

however, even when shoes are becoming more advanced, the chances of running injuries have not fallen over the past 40 years. This has led some researchers and runners to doubt that the harm caused by shoes may be greater than the benefits they bring. Now, a new study has tested this statement. When running, the bare foot works like a spring, thereby buffering the shock that strikes the road. Then, they use vibration as energy to promote the formation of the next step.

's skeptics of shoes claim that too much elastic running shoes can interfere with the process, causing the foot muscles to relax and eventually shrink. For this reason, the scientists asked 16 participants to run on a treadmill with a powerful sensor or a foot or a shoe. At the same time, a fine line underneath the foot of the foot can track the activation of the muscles.

actually, running shoes do interfere with the ability of the foot to act like a spring, making the foot less radiant when it hits the ground. At this point, the feet become as flat as pancakes, and the arch of the arch reaches only 75% when the foot runs. In response, however, the foot did not relax as many people suspected.

instead, running shoes make the muscles work harder to maintain the stability of the radians. The researchers report the findings in the days before the publication of the British Royal Society journal "on the" interface. So the truth is that wearing shoes does change the physiology of running, but it's just different from the way scientists expect. (Zong Hua)

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