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sina sports, according to data from the American sporting goods manufacturers association, there are about 190 thousand people in the US running for over 100 days per year, but the number of obesity in the United States has been at a high level. Does running have no effect on losing weight?

experts suggest that if you exercise crazy and lose weight, it may represent your way of exercise is wrong.

in fact, many runners do not run a long distance when they lose weight, which means they don't have to bear too much pressure. Correspondingly, low level of exercise intensity can help them better use fat as fuel source, so it will not be too tired, but it will consume a lot of heat.

if you run to lose weight, that's a good idea. You can use 70%-75% of your heart rate maximum as your target for losing weight, which must be slow, but also challenging. If you are prepared for the competition, you certainly don't want to slow down, so you should run the relative distance at a faster speed to increase your endurance, and the fat will also burn extra. So it's important to make clear your purpose.

but there's a wrong tendency to overtrain. If you're trying to lose weight, it's more likely to happen. A lot of people feel that they run enough to lose weight, but the result is that you are injured and can't run at all. So, do not exceed the limits of their own, leading to injury history, with the The loss outweighs the gain. Jogging is really a good way to lose weight, and it's not a thing to do overnight. Experts suggest that you have to be patient, take a long view, slowly accumulate mileage and speed, consume more calories a week and reduce the risk of injury. (Sina running winter)

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