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running, as an effective aerobic exercise, is the first choice for many people to lose weight with its good convenience. But have you found that you are really thin when you have been running for a long time? Do you have a white run today? More seriously, are you not fat or not? And the legs are rough?

is my running leg in the wrong order or my arm is not in sync with the leg? This is a problem.

should know why it will be like, and see if you have made the following mistakes.

1. Up on the run, sonorous and forceful.

many novice runners are almost running will hold thin attitude, so focus on running on the end! All! No! Yes�� Do! Heat! Body! Ah! Do you think it's thinner to run? Wrong�� Fat is not consumed in the first place, and the first is the glycogen. Only the fast energy consumption is about the same, and fat, the reserve energy, is mobilized. Therefore, the warm-up before running is necessary. Warm-up can not only help you better consume energy, but also effectively prevent physical damage, fully open the body and prepare for a great exercise. The next picture is a few simple warm-up movements, remember to do before running.
It's important for
to warm up before running

2. Incorrect running poses great harm.

is sitting, standing, running and running. The incorrect running posture not only makes you slow down the weight loss, but the unreasonable stress makes the knees and feet more stressful, and it is especially easy to cause damage. In order to better protect our body, you need to know how to run the right running posture.
The correct running posture of
should be slightly tilted, not too large, and the middle of the sole of the foot. The steps are light, and the whole body is relaxed and the arms are swaying naturally. The whole front half of the foot is on the ground, that is, the front foot. This prevents heel damage to the body and helps you get the maximum starting speed. Notice: a lot of people make such a mistake when you use the front foot not to point to the ground below the toe or the big toe. Think about the feeling of the ground in the foot. The thighs and knees swing forward, not up. Any lateral movement of the leg is superfluous, and it is easy to cause the injury of the knee joint, so the front swing of the thigh should be positive. Dynamic stretching: the front arch, the distance from the two feet and the width of the hip. Put your hands on your head, forward from the hip flexor, keep the back straight, until the stock two muscles tense. In order to bring the body chest forward, feel like a rope tied to the sternum is pulled forward. Do not tilt up the upper body, even if you need to lean forward (as in a mountain running or acceleration), make sure the whole body is straight forward. The shoulders are relaxed and back straight. That is to say, either upslope or downhill, the whole body leans forward when it leans forward.

3. The faster you run, it hurts the body.

speed is one of the speed, it is the time to run every kilometre, for example, 5 minutes to speed up.
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