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If you want to turn running into a habit, you may need some skills

life habits are the most individualized life rules of life, which are formed by a number of factors such as life, work and preference. Some friends because of poor living habits, so there is obesity, subhealth and other problems, so I hope to be able to use the way to improve. But how do you change from a lazy walking person to a person who loves running? The little editor teaches you 3 tips to make your running a life habit!

good running equipment is a magic weapon for you to quickly get into the runners. Some senior running friends said, just started running without what good equipment, start up again. It is feasible for the normal running, but for "lazy cancer" body run friends, not a cool equipment, which has overcome the lazy cancer, determined to get out of the house!

run clothing, running shoes, running the App mobile phone, bracelet watches all equipped, looking at such cool and expensive advanced equipment, do not want to run or not! Let's take your first step.

ran away with | experience happy

runners don't know what it feels like those who never run out of the first step. You can easily run a 10KM and feel no stretch, but the ordinary people who do not exercise 800 meters will face red and heartbeat blood pressure! So how do you keep running in a good fit? The best answer is to run and walk together.

first jog for a while. When it comes to feeling tired and uncomfortable, it will be adjusted to fast walk. Then it will circulate. Gradually, you will find that running is not a difficult thing. The quality of your body is constantly getting better, running more and more, and the frequency of the need to walk less and less, you become a junior runner!

| combine incentives to spur their own
has a theory that some things persist for 21 days, then it will become your habit. The same is true of running. After a period of running, you will find a change in your body, and these changes make us a better self. But there are so many things in our life that will break our habits, such as birthday parties, company team building, cold and fever, and bad weather outside. These external factors can lead to our laziness, which leads us to discontinuous running.

at this time, you need a combination of rewards and punishments and a reward and punishment plan for yourself. For example, if you don't insist on running, you can't watch the hot play you are catching up with on the day. If you insist on running for more than 10 days, you can buy that little expensive clothes and so on.

adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to! Seeing your own change and getting used to sweating every day, you will turn running into a habit, and you don't run out of ease all day. Those who are still worried and depressed for their body and their bodies! Come and join our team. >

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