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Do you want to play in the real Busan line? Irritation! This play is the right to run the zombies.Does
know the zombie run? The real Busan line, do you want to try it?

, which is introduced to you today, is very popular with Korean young people: Zombie running!

zombies run, run, challenge and stimulate elements, usually choose gymnasium, park or square as the main venue, will be designed as a field hospital or a deserted escape place. It originated from the United States, taste stimulation of the zombie chase, 2013, South Korea COMOVE company held the first after a get out of hand, swept the whole of South korea.

in 2016 South Korea held a zombie run again, and the Hitoshikawa Fumitsuru stadium would be a deserted escape. For the design of the route, for the three kilometers, before the competition starts, the organizers will place the corpse in the field. The runners need to avoid these zombies. Each person has three life bands. If these three life bands are ripped off by the corpse, it means that the runner will fail in the challenge.

in addition, a variety of interesting tasks will set the race route, runners need to finish the task before the zombies dogged, across various obstacles, the final completion of the three km challenge.

in addition to running, the participants do all kinds of cosplay, although horror, but they all like the makeup on their faces. There will be a variety of dance performances on the scene, which is absolutely a feast for the runners.
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top shoes shop Mita sneakers Ueno this time with Adidas Originals back to start a new joint cooperation, re elected to the classic style Campus 80s as a joint selection, all made of black suede uppers, shoe body Adidas Originals three line marks and followed by details of the site with red color embellishment, especially with insoles on iron mesh like totem the first Adidas Originals, and other words to stamping design, in addition to the bottom and a vintage processing, showing a charming style of the month after month and year after year.
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Victor Oladipo

sina sports entering the NBA Victor? Oladipo, before the three season impressive. His career averages of 15.9 points, 4.4 rebounds and 4 assists meant that it was only a matter of time before he became an all - star. Watching him will make this feeling more strongly, in a few years, oladipo will become a very threatening all-around player.

Jordan brand noticed Victor oladipo? Wonderful performance, and with a shoe as a reward for his. Jordan Extra.Fly and Victor? Oladipo signature, but he is the representative of this shoe. Jordan Extra.Fly is equipped with Nike, Zoom, Air, slow vibration and Flywire fly line technology, and is equipped with a unique design of training shoes. (watch carefully. You'll find that on the media day of thunder, Victor has put on Extra.Fly.)

Jordan Extra.Fly was released in October 1st at a retail price of $120.

we quickly got in touch with the new team member of the thunder team on the phone and talked to him about the new shoes he said he had been wearing all summer.

SLAM: has the Jordan brand been talking to you for a while about the fact that you're doing this pair of Jordan sneakers?

Ola Po: is that right?. It's a coincidence, and I'm grateful for this opportunity.

SLAM: are you involved in the design?

oladipo: participate in much. From the very beginning, the designer asked me what shoes I wanted, what colors I had, what color I wanted this year, and how I wanted to test and improve my shoes. In the end, this is a good pair of shoes. The best thing about it is that it's very light but strong. I know a lot of people when they wear low shoes, they feel the shoes are not good enough for ankle support, but these shoes are good because they are light, and can provide good support for the ankle.

SLAM: for a pair of basketball combat shoes, these shoes look very much like trainers. Are you surprised at the unusual design?

oladipo: I love its appearance. It's a bit out of the blue. I like it. It's hard to see if it's a pair of trainers or basketball shoes, but that's what makes it unique.

SLAM: how does it feel to put on these shoes?

oladipo: the effect is very good, very helpful for my movement. After I put it on, I moved faster and jumped higher than ever. It's a good result after both feet feel comfortable.


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