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Can you run the same place? As long as you want to run the wind and rain

(original title: a lot of attention to the benefits of running in situ)

1, when running in situ, the space required is very small, so the demand for the site is not high. In situ running has to be a more economical way. It hardly needs to buy any equipment, nor does it need the cost of field and training. If we find a suitable occasion, we can start losing weight.
2, in situ running often require high leg, can exercise the leg muscles.

3, running in situ with a strong running rhythm, can bring a certain pleasure experience.

4, running in situ can also improve running speed, for example, one can run from 64 steps to 120 place, and run in situ, which can consume much energy and reduce weight.

5, if you insist on running in situ every day, it has a relieving effect on all kinds of subhealth conditions such as hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

6, running in situ can make the energy more energetic and make people feel relaxed. Brisk and rhythmic running can make people happy, beneficial to the improvement of the function of the nervous system, and to prevent the neurasthenia.

7, the advantage of running is that the blood flow can be increased rapidly, the vascular elasticity is enhanced, and the circulation of blood is improved. Data show that the blood flow of coronary artery can increase 10 times when it is quieter when running, that is, the flow of blood can reach 1200~1400 milliliter per minute. People who insist on jogging for a long time have improved cardiac muscle nutrition, enhanced and thickened myocardium, and improved the function of organs.

8 and running play a positive role in maintaining the good heart function of the middle-aged and old people, preventing the decline of lung tissue elasticity, preventing muscular atrophy, preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

9, the amount of air inhaled during running is several times higher than that of sitting. It can make the lungs fully active, effectively prevent the decline of the elastic function of the lung tissue, and improve the oxygen carrying capacity and oxygen utilization ability of the human body, and increase the respiratory efficiency.

10, running can consume more energy in the body. Muscles do work for a long time. It is natural to consume fat in the body and increase the muscles. It is very beneficial to lose weight, to control weight, and to prevent obesity. Besides, running can also accelerate the blood flow and greatly reduce the excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the serum, which can improve lipid metabolism, prevent hyperlipidemia, and prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

11, people who run for a long time increased the amount of blood in the heart, slowed down the heart rate, and enhanced the heart function. The function of blood supply of coronary artery is better than that of hinges, and the function of myocardial metabolism is more normal. It can prevent ischemic heart disease. The continuous contraction of the muscles of the lower extremities improves the circulation of the blood, and can effectively promote the reflux of the veins of the lower limbs and the pelvic and celiac veins. Thus, it can prevent thrombotic vasculitis and hemorrhoids.

12, Chinese traditional Chinese Medicine Classics >

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