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Do you run the right running old driver?

for most people, running as a natural skill, and can run without learning. So many amateur runners have never learned how to run, and they may never be taught how to run with correct posture and human mechanics.

so today we talk to people about the less related topics of damage protection - how to run. But please make clear that most of the content here today is for novice runners. The runners who have experienced and persisted for years of running, and if they have not suffered any obvious damage, it is better to continue running according to your habits. It doesn't sound very scientific. It's the best way to improve your running way. It's to run more and act.
First talk about the principle of running the
technology, the most important thing is to improve your stride frequency and stride down. The pace refers to the number of steps per minute, and most excellent runners have a pace of about 180 steps per minute (both feet). In the ideal state of running more comfortable, your pace is best to reach 170 steps per minute, and it is not too difficult to reach that frequency when you run faster. If the frequency is not reached, it increases by 5% every 2-3 weeks. The latest research shows that the higher frequency will reduce the impact force by the legs, to improve running efficiency and reduce the probability of injury.
The right time for
to play is: runners usually tend to move forward and extend their feet in order to achieve larger strides. If doing so, they will cause the heel to move forward too much. This location will surpass your entire body projection line. This must be avoided. The right thing to do is to put your feet under your body, not your body. The runners tend to pay attention to which part of the foot first, which is not as important as keeping the foot in the bottom of your body. Keep pace in 170 steps per minute and keep the feet a location, it will greatly improve your running efficiency. So when you run, remind yourself of these two aspects, and don't overshoot your feet or legs in front of your body.

keeps good posture. Try to keep your body high when you run, so you can minimize the bad posture with the chest and the hump. Although many runners know that they need to lean forward when they are running, they tend to bend forward. In other words, they only lean forward, while the lower part of the body does not lean forward. The correct attitude is that the whole body leaning forward slightly from the ankle, keeping the trunk and the waist and buttocks and the lower limbs a straight line. When you keep your body straight, back up when running, it will naturally do. Imagine a line hanging on your head, connecting your entire spine, waist, hips and lower limbs. A person pulls up this line on your head to pull your body up.

The dog owner sent a "surrender". The dog owner sent a "surrender".

Running in the country on the road Chicago 25 July, Detroit United States of Michigan, near a 46 year old man this Wednesday night by two dogs (Cane Corso dogs) attacks, unfortunately killed. When people found him, the man had been "athymia", after being sent to the hospital because of his injuries died.

police found that the victim had just undergone colon cancer surgery last year. This is local since 2012, the third dog bites. It is worth noting that the registered address of these dogs is the same family family. According to local laws, dog owners accused of manslaughter, two dogs were euthanized.

data show that the dog bite "native" of Italy, much used by the local people as dogs and dogs, but also can be used as a companion animal. The dog has a maximum weight of more than 50 kilograms and more than 70 centimeters tall, but generally gentle, easy to train and obey.

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