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do you really run? Whether it's a treadmill in the gym, on the school playground, or on the road at night, you can see the people working hard. Whether you choose to run for weight loss or fitness, don't think running is a simple run. Maybe you can't run!

how many bad habits do you recruit for running?

01 does not "warm up"
before running
if you don't warm up and run, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system can't get into the state, the muscle blood supply and flexibility are not good. If it is winter, the temperature is also low, it is easy to cause soft tissue injuries such as ligaments and muscles.

so the first stretch stretch tendons, pressure stretching, jogging and warm-up exercise.

02 run out and rest

many people habitually run on all of a sudden stop, the rhythmic movement suddenly still, stored in the muscles in the blood, it cannot pass back to the heart muscle contraction, resulting in reduced blood pressure, brain ischemia caused temporary, palpitation and shortness of breath, feel dizzy, pale and faint even shock and other symptoms.

therefore, it is not possible to stop immediately after running, and it is suggested that the right thing to do is to get cold first. For example, jogging 5~10 minutes at a slower speed and stretching after a strenuous run.

03 run too fast and too much

running is addictive. If you are just starting to run, avoid running up and running madly. It will cause your body to eat too fast.

suggested that we should arrange exercise time and exercise volume according to physical condition (heart rate, muscle strength, exercise habits and other indicators), and follow the principle of "the maximum weekly training volume increased by 10%". Don't run every day, to the appropriate rest, such as running off a two run, take a.

04 do not drink water or drink too much
at one breath
drinking water should be combined with weather, running time, and running quantity. Water should be made in time before, during and after the exercise.

usually can fill 200-300 milliliters half an hour before running. And if it is a jogging in half an hour, no water can be made. But if the weather is hot, the temperature is above 30 degrees and the relative humidity is big, such as the "sauna day" in Beijing, it is necessary to fill the water before running.

exercise should also actively supplement the water, otherwise the amount of exercise is too large, long time is easy to appear body dehydration. What should be paid attention is to pay attention to the principle of drinking and drinking many times.

should not drink too much after a long run, this will give the blood circulatory system, digestive system, especially to increase the burden on the heart, and even water poisoning.

if a running activity is more than an hour or more, it is recommended to drink some sports drinks properly during the exercise.


Run logo.

1, run group name

Shanghai loves running

2, time of establishment

running group photo.
3, active city, area, routine activity route

Minhang, Minhang, Shanghai

4, run group scale

200 people about

5, run group slogan

loves running and is healthy!

6, running group introduction to

condenses the power of friends! The active promoter of China's running fitness.

7, the main event of the run group

group participated in the 2014 Wuxi and Shanghai marathon
group participated in the 2015 Wuxi marathon and the Shanghai marathon
8, run group influence

1, the number of activities under the line, the number of activities, the way of activity, and so on;

2, online influence, such as self media operation, including micro-blog, WeChat fans, network platform, QQ group, and so on;

9, the future expectation of the running group

aims to "share health and happiness", exchange knowledge of running, share running experience, carry out the same city running, actively promote fitness running, and advocate the concept of healthy life,
10, running regiment

participated in the Sina run group selection:

2015 run the annual event of China's annual event for a thermal attack on the running regiment and so on, you sign up for

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