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In fact, we all know that
AJ1 is still in one of the classic shoes, the design about it suffocated, and more attractive is the story behind let small me be startled at, today let Xiaobian together to review the Air Jordan 1 in the end we cheated a few years? Finally, let Xiaobian deeply impressed. It is because of this pair of banned wearing AJ1 achievements of Michael Jordan and the Nike business legend, in retrospect, analyze the truth, because Michael Jordan is wearing a black and red color was punished, and it is now a payment history answer?

NBA believe that few people know the spread of such a story, 32 years ago, rookie Jordan wears Air Jordan 1 triggered a series of events, it was at the time of the media and fans of shoes is now known about this, but it's the truth now is a mystery?
When the
event is like this, Jordan in this play every game but was fined $5000, the reason is very simple is not uniform and shoes and shirt collocation players, so why people really can't catch the mind. After the discussion surrounding small friends understand and it is for this reason, Jordan through the three color Air Ship, lime, red and white are red, the red and black color Air Ship is actually banned shoes, instead of Air Jordan 1. In order to

Jordan wore in his rookie season of the first shoes, not the legendary Air Jordan 1 black models, but Nike's Air Ship red and black color. Joe in the November 1985 issue of "Inside Sports", Jordan and Ewing became the cover of the magazine, the main is to promote the 1985-86 season, the season is on the cover of the design idea of rookie of the year Jordan vs. new season rookie Ewing hot. Shoot for the magazine cover is not in NBA's shoes ban control range, and after Jordan's rookie season or something. Let's take a look at this pair of AJ1 it is special? The following is a small series of making plans, love the look down.
feet tall people really did not have to say

whether you are male god or goddess with the red Sao AJ1 estimation is handsome beautiful Da

feel AJ1 but ignore the eyes, live very confused. Ha ha

as long as there is a AJ1 where it is unique indeed people thousands of Gankang

well, today Xiaobian introduced here, the mystery of the ghost city is about to start a new day, and more busy, more details about AJ1 answer may wish to add text on the picture below and small exchanges, explore and one or two small. Small busy for how much magic you answer this AJ1 in your body. See you later!

Paint was painted on the playground in May 28th.

recently, the Beijing Xicheng District Second Experimental Primary School in Beijing, Baiyun road more parents to "Legal Evening News" reporter reported, the morning of May 26th 6 to 7, one hour, 10 parents have for their children leave, the reasons are "nosebleed". Since then, nearly 50 parents had heard the "pungent smell" on the playground when they went to the school to open their parents' meeting. At present, the Xicheng District Education Committee has been involved in this matter.

incident on the same day, a number of students asked for leave because of the flow of nosebleed

yesterday, in the Beijing Second Experimental Primary School Grade 4, Baiyun Road, a WeChat group, the reporter saw the parents, the morning of May 26th at 6 am, some parents in the message said, children do not know what causes a sudden nosebleeds, sent to the school with the child after the inspection, may be late, especially to the teacher to explain the situation.

reporter found that the WeChat group chat records found that from 6 a.m. to 7 in the morning, there were 10 students' parents asking for leave for the teacher because of their children's nosebleeds.
" the teacher has not replied, and then there is a message from the parents that their own children also have a nosebleed, for some reason. " The parents of grade five, Ping Ping (pseudonym), said that the WeChat group was only part of the leave, and a few people were sent to the teacher to send text messages and call for leave.

reflected that parents had smelled a pungent smell at the school playground,

in May 28th, school children in grades four or five and six participated in the sports festival. Parents were notified to open their parents' meeting at school in May 26th afternoon.

parents said the school did not mention the bloodshed of many children at the parent's meeting.

"after the parents' meeting, a parent had just returned home and had a nosebleed." He told reporters that when the parents' meeting was opened the same day, everyone walked into the school and smelled a pungent smell, but he didn't want to have a relationship with the playground. After the parents' meeting, there are parents who also have a nosebleed, and everyone in the group talks about the scent of the playground.
The school playground was rebuilt during the summer vacation in 2015, according to
's parents. A security guard at the school confirmed to reporters that the plastic playground was reformed last summer.

micro chat chat shows that parents noticed that the windows of the parents' meeting room were closed, and they could not smell, but the weaker children had adverse reactions in class.

, according to the student parent Chen Ming (a pseudonym), in April 6th, there were student parents who came to school reflecting the smell of the playground. In April 9th, they found that there were several workers on the playground. "They painted a layer of paint, what was not clear." Chen Ming said half the area of the playground had been coated with paint at that time.

in May 28th, students went to the sports festival, School >

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