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1977, an inventor named Frank Rudy showed a crazy idea to Phil Knight: putting air bags into his shoes. Phil tested the idea, from then on; Nike on this road, proceed without hesitation. For the past thirty years, none of the technology has been synonymous with Nike like Air. From Tailwind to the latest Nike Air VaporMax, this groundbreaking idea has changed the whole industry and laid the position of Nike as the leading innovation enterprise.
Nike Air
Nike from Oregon innovation center of production of Beaverton's global headquarters only move away (the Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation Air) is the birth and development of local and air cushion technology becoming more and more perfect, the other a factory with Missouri San Charles CO produced 3 billion 500 million Nike air Air. This is the 1300 skilled workers and the run results, each of them in the air Air lean technology plays a vital role in ascension, to ensure that every detail, to provide accurate performance. this is the first time we've ever shared the growth of Nike Air technology around the world. Watch "Fresh Air from Oregon" video, in-depth exploration of Nike Air innovation production center. this time, Nike has swept the world's Air air cushion technology into a dream that never came true before. New materials, computing design and manufacturing tools continue to break through the limits of Nike Air air cushion technology, making its influence far beyond the scope of running, and lead the trend in the new sports and fashion field.

With the release of the new Nike Air VaporMax
, the future is within reach. It has realized our most courageous dream, so that every athlete can feel the unprecedented touch of walking in the clouds. Each VaporMax air cushion units are produced in the United States of Oregon Beaverton.

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The word pressure varies from person to person and is more stressed for young people fighting in a second line city.This word,
pressure in a second tier city It differs from man to man., for young people working hard, more pressure, a few more popular recently, the pressure that buy a house, the cost of living pressure, and mental stress, its performance in from the lonely heart, can not find the sense of presence and sense of direction, confusion, loss and so on. In fact, the real source of pressure is their own, want much fruit will bear great pressure, big city always point the young man's dream, always hope, so even if the heart also want to feel alarmed serious rushes. But after all, the long-term heavy pressure will cause harm to the body and mind. In a second line city, how do young people relieve themselves?

decompression is of course a lot, such as climbing and shouting, travel or running in many, I do not say, this is run through several popular ways to analyze, at least you can get two important messages, one is to divert attention, two is to broaden their horizons, broaden the mind. The former is a standard, the latter is the cure, and the combination of the two can truly achieve the purpose of decompression. So how do you do it?

, more and more running enthusiasts in the city, and even set up their own circles. In addition to physical fitness, bodybuilding and shaping, exercise is also an important reason for running more and more popular. Every morning or evening we always in the park to see the runner's figure, they are lovers, or just getting started, but in any case, at least in the summer they exercise, running for this thing, most of them will say: run up fully and delightfully really very comfortable, very comfortable! So this is in the invisible to achieve the goal of transfer attention, that is, the previous standard.

runs like mountaineering and travel can broaden the horizon, although the effect is not good but not much, and the cost is very low, isn't it? There are not too many restrictions on the site, and you don't have to pay for it. As long as you want to run, you can get a simple run. It can make your muscles tense, or let you put your guard against the world, put down the heart that can't be placed, run hard and feel the beauty of life. Besides the daily turmoil, there is more fun waiting for us to find and dig, is not it? We always lock ourselves in a fixed circle, but never try to get out of the circle, and think that the best is inherent, but the world is far more magnificent and open-minded than we think.

why love running, because that kind of love even if abandoned by the world can also run smiling appearance, because love that gray can still sweating mouth up, love running, not because it can give me what, but it can take me what it is the idea, is dedicated!

July 2017, Wuhu! (Suyuan)

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