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12 common sense of exercise to lose weight

strategy one, exercise 3-5 days a week to lose

aerobic exercise can effectively burn fat, muscle exercise strengthens the muscles, tight lines, and promotes metabolism, and the two complement each other. Want to lose weight, the 2 kinds of sports can be neglected. But in the early days, the body fat should be reduced by aerobic exercise, supplemented by muscle strength. After 1 or 2 months, in order to slow down the rate of weight loss and slow down the rate of weight loss, we must increase the time of muscle strength exercise so as to continue to lose weight.

, who wants to lose weight, must strictly perform a weekly exercise 3-5 days and 30-60 minutes of aerobic and muscle strength alternation, or exercise 3-5 days a week, each exercise for 60-90 minutes. If you really can't get out of 30-60 minutes a day, the piecemeal method of piecemeal motion is also possible. For 3 months, it will be pretty thin.

, for example, jogging for 30 minutes a day can be changed to 10 minutes in the morning or in the evening. At noon, we need to climb stairs or walk for 10 minutes to achieve the principle of "30 minutes a day's exercise".

strategy two, morning exercise is the best time to lose weight,

is also a 60 - minute exercise, and the best and most efficient time is in the morning. Because people in a day's metabolism follow the following pattern: before you wake up early in the morning, metabolism is at the lowest point. Then slowly rise, reach the apex after dinner, and then keep the level until you go to bed and go down.

diet and exercise can change the speed of metabolism. If you exercise immediately after you wake up, it will increase your metabolism early and increase all the day and consume more calories. So the real advantage of sports is that it can consume heat in addition to exercise. Within 6-8 hours after exercise, it can also consume 180-400 more calories than usual.

if you can walk 5 times in the morning in 1 weeks, each time is 4500 meters away. In addition to exercise, it can consume 250-400 calories, plus the added value of 180-400 cards after exercise, which can reduce 1.8 kilograms of fat in 1 months, and reduce 21 kilograms in 1 years. Of these 21 kilos, it's not the water or the muscles that you lose, but the fat you need to reduce most!

arranges his exercise in the morning, and it can get twice the result with half the effort. Getting up early for 1 hours is not an impossible problem, but a question of whether you are willing to do it. The early exercise, after a shower, the complexion is ruddy, in fine fig to start the day's work, you will find life more active and efficient!

policy three, making the heartbeat faster but not too much

how the effect of weight loss, and how long you exercise time has a great relationship. So, it's best not to choose the kind of exercise that will make you half dead. For example, do 50 pushups while long time (as long as you don't need.

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