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Data map.
what is the amount of brain running? Thinking about running or running, learning about running without running, and transboundary thinking are the amount of brain running.

many people love running. They insist on running, running and running. They are enough to run around the city, around the country, around the earth's waist. Human history long, long journey, numerous living beings, sayazi chasing the beast, neither fast nor slow chase girls, group hunting, fishing thenascent, heating, fruit picking, a meat high protein, upright hands, the invention of tools, improve productivity, Niubi not want. Running, gave us a bright future as "born to run" a book describing the human, because good at running, when 2 million years ago before the invention of the tool, you can eat all kinds of meat. Hunting animal gobble down.
The amazing fact of
is that our ancestors are not a fool.

running is a way to intelligence level. "Thinking" and "running" are a wonderful combination of mutual promotion. In other words, when human ancestors run and hunt, they are more likely to complete an intelligence upgrade in natural interaction. To hunt for prey, and to judge comprehensively with time, distance, physical strength, teammates' physical strength and the strength of the prey, and then choose the best path and the best time node according to the environment to hunt. Later, the process of hunting in this run evolved into military training, evolved into the Olympics, and evolved into the competitiveness of the active crowd. Animals have to move, and thinking in running makes the animal's apes upgrades into people.

running is not the goal, the learning is the value of the run, we call it "brain running" for the time.

has made a real leap since it was written in writing. It is possible to accumulate and inherit the experience of the predecessors through the written records. Therefore, there is a variety of division of labor, a big event can be decomposed into numerous small things to carry out. Do small things, everyone will, the combination of resources, do big things, but only the human ability.

"Men at their birth, good in nature, Their natures are much the same., Xi xiangyuan"...... Back to the back, but the true understanding of the meaning of the time, perhaps after many years. "The day will fall so big, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger...... So the spirit, not gain it." Learn to learn, and the true understanding of the time, I am afraid that the experience is enough, and then the Epiphany...

, all the major events start from the simplest action, just like the simplest and unconsciousness actions of children when playing, and gradually accumulate into multifarious movements and use higher level tools. In the construction of "the skyscraper of knowledge", the most solid foundation is the things we learn through the body. People's understanding of words comes from the simplest and initial body learning, such as cold, hot, sour, sweet, anger, sadness and joy, all of which are derived from action and thinking.

Gao Leilei's nest half marathon medals

the November 8th 8:002015 Beijing bird's nest half marathon at the National Stadium - the bird nest was successfully completed. Although the temperature in Beijing was low in the late autumn, 8000 runners from all over the country took part in the competition and finally completed the final 100 meter sprint in the bird's nest.
As one of the guests today,
is going to return to Gao Leilei, who is coming back to the green field, and is also on the track of today's 2015 bird's nest half marathon. From the picture, Lei Lei not only runs high, but also hugs the volunteers with an affinity. After the game, Gao Leilei spoke in micro-blog, saying, "for the league, the bird's nest half marathon Lara!" 21 kilometre of joy... "
smiles and hugs the volunteers in the run of a self timer in the sun.

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