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Don't know too much, but at least know what you eat every day.
1, set up the right idea of losing weight

doesn't have to understand too much, but at least know what you eat every day and eat it well. Even if you do not do a lot of exercise, the diet and heat are reasonable, it can also have a weight loss effect.

2, buy individual fat scale

objectively determines whether we are fat or not, and it is better to calculate the body mass index (BMI). Body mass index is divided by weight by the square of height: BMI = weight (kilogram) / height (square of meters). Usually BMI more than 28 obese.

3, give up all kinds of processed packaging food

food processing and packaging including but not limited to: drinks, cakes, candy, chocolate, biscuits, sausage, bacon and so on, regardless of whether or not to lose weight, are not recommended to eat, but also to strictly control the weight loss period. Lactic acid beverage is also a drink, not recommended for drinking, can be changed to yogurt or skimmed milk, choose fresh food.

4, do not blindly follow, find a suitable exercise method

does not have to be as professional as the fitness people, and does not need to challenge his PB like a running enthusiast. But it is necessary to know the basic warm-up, stretching, strength, impedance, oxygen, oxygen free, safety protection, and treatment of injury. Find the way, the frequency, and the intensity of your running.

5, prepared a soft leather ruler

is used to detect changes in waistline, hip circumference, and so on, which is better than body weight to reflect your lines and your health.

6, set a reasonable weight target and a weight loss rate

BMI in 18.5~24, is the normal body mass index, 21 more ideal. The rate of weight loss is 1~2 catty per week, not too fast. It is better to lose about 1% of the weight per week.

7, run for more than 30 minutes each time

run to lose weight not to speak, eat no fat, the same breath is reduced into a thin. Exercise for about 30 minutes, the main consumption of water and sugar in the body, 30 minutes after the gradual consumption of fat. The loss of water and sugar can only temporarily reduce weight, but only by consuming fat can it really achieve the goal of losing weight.

8, work and rest combined with

excessive exercise can not only make you mentally tired, but also increase cortisol and free radicals in the blood, which will destroy muscle tissue and extend muscle recovery time. For the average person, the ideal time for training is 3~4 times a week, suitable for 45~60 minutes each time. This will be more efficient, avoid burnout, and make the busy life more regular.

9, elevated to muscle strength exercise

muscle training is a good way to reduce weight. A little practice of weight lifting doesn't make you a giant. With a small amount of muscle >

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