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Do you have a "vacuum" when you wear a compression coat
"it's good to run a vacuum together, but you sneak in your underwear." The topic of whether to wear underwear in running has recently been in full swing. Many runners think wearing underwear running is bound to the body, but there are also many runners think "vacuum battle hard to get in good taste".

track and field team sprint the little prince Su Bingtian had had asked participants wearing underwear clothing in compression, non runners may be difficult to understand the problem of this wonderful, but as a member of this group, I think many people should be considered such a problem.

, it is interesting that an investigation by a team of 1000 runners from the US, Canada and Germany has drawn a strange truth. About 11% of women don't run in underwear at ordinary times, because they think it shackles their hands and feet. More women will directly omit the contents after wearing sports shorts.

then, is it supposed to wear underwear when running?

men are generally entangled in the problem of wearing pants. In fact, a lot of run - specific compression pants can be done without underwear. General underwear is generally made of cotton, and the sweating function is poor. These compressed pants usually use the breathable and smooth material with high comfort, which can effectively reduce friction. If wearing underwear again, it will isolate the function of the pants themselves and reduce their original function. Therefore, such as skins, CW-X, 2XU and other professional brands of compressed pants, can be completely without underwear in the case of short distance run 5-7km.

, of course, should be carefully chosen if it is a long distance race. On the one hand, long distance and long time running easy to cause damp sweat and other conditions, increase the crotch friction abrasion body. On the other hand, sweat contains a lot of salt, dried easily cause embarrassment. It is suggested that you can choose sports type underwear, many brands also have, breathable perspiration effect is also great.

as for girls, more entanglements lie in the need to wear underwear. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, about 11% of women don't run in underwear at ordinary times, because they think it will bind their hands and feet.

is not exactly the same. The amount of sweat and body impact during exercise is much higher than normal. This effect is positively related to the size of cup and the impact of sports. If you don't believe it, the girls can run a circle without wearing their underwear. Of course, if you are a small cup or flat chested, can ignore this problem.
There are three types of
general motion bra: simple fixed type, pressure fixed type, and compound structure type.

, the simple fixation is only fixed by a flexible mesh fabric. There is basically no design for human body structure, most of which are in the form of sports vest, suspenders and so on.

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