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runners are very strange people. We do a lot of strange things, such as the lengthy pre match routine, the stockings and the runny nose... We may be monsters, but it doesn't matter! It is true that most of us are likely to reach a "running climax". When it happens, we often do some strange things -- we usually do not matter in a public occasion......

1, sing loudly.

heard me say that doing 3 things at the same time - trying to run, breathing, and singing - will bring terrible results. Of course, unless you are Beyonce! She did everything well.

2, talking to the air, playing the guitar, drums, or unarmed.

yes, we look very like an idiot. But in Rush's Tom Sawyer (an English song), there's an amazing drumbeat solo, which needs us to join in.

3, lianbengdaitiao.

sometimes, when we do great running, we like to experiment with our new technology. No one is watching, and we love running. Who knows?

4, yelling at the vehicle.

I mean "come on!" Those stupid drivers have broken our average speed!

5, holding a watch in the sky... To connect our GPS.

this is entirely to make the GPS satellite connect faster. Really, that's true!

6, jump in the puddles.

nothing is better than running after the rain! Because it can connect us with ourselves at the age of 3, and jump in the puddles. Of course, the new running shoes will be very bad...

7, talk to yourself.

, whether it's giving encouragement, planning daily activities or working for work reports, we look like crazy.

says enough... Are you going to have these things? Or do you have anything more strange? Welcome to share with you!

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was on the eve of the opening of the Rio Olympic Games on the occasion of the 1st Anniversary success of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Zhangjiakou, Beijing. The intercity crossing run of 2016YES will start at 18 p.m. on July 31st, starting from Chongli, Zhangjiakou, which is about 300 kilometers, and it takes about 60 hours. It is expected to arrive in Beijing at 6 o'clock in August 3rd. Sha Baoliang led the first start of the vermicelli run group, and after 5 kilometers of the race, Sha Baoliang admitted that the intensity was easy for himself.

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