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With the deepening of "online shopping" as a new form of consumption, the traditional retail stores have been greatly impacted by
. In order to attract consumers out of the house, return to the traditional line shopping form, Nike days before the North American market will adjust the sales strategy in this year announced that "in order to meet the challenges brought by the online shopping era"!
the Nike is targeting all of North America's major retailers, allowing offline stores of these routes to offer consumers a maximum price discount of 25% for perennial goods.

Nike for the new pricing strategy, but also gives his own interpretation: "we will regularly check their minimum pricing system is reasonable, but in view of the Nike product line breadth and depth, we simplify this policy in the last year."

although the sporting goods sales continue to grow, but in recent years, the traditional retail stores by the strong impact of online shops. According to statistics, online sales of sporting goods increased from 11.8% in 2010 to 15.8% last year, and online sales of sportswear increased from 12.8% in 2010 to 17.2% last year. In the line, is losing ground.

for example, last year the North American sports retailer Sports Authority, one of the giants of formal bankruptcy, owed $1 billion 100 million in debt, while Sports Authority is just a microcosm of other types of solid sports brand stores is also facing various difficulties, facing the same situation.

therefore, the Nike hope that through this sales strategy, the consumer's most concerned about the "price" as the breakthrough point, hoping to save the price of sustained sluggish sales under the line.
however, the outside world still gives a different view on the active adjustment of Nike. Critics argue that, in addition to save the increasingly sluggish store sales market, but also because of the change of Nike by the same industry competitors stimulation, Adidas through a Boost technology, successfully captured the hearts of the people, the turnover soared; while the sports brand upstart Under Armour also eroded part of the sporting goods market.

finally, in the long run, Nike this >

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