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Do you drink ice and drink or hot drink in summer? first we have to make it clear that this is the summer! It's this "hot" summer! Don't say that running, even if it is sitting in the open air of the room, and the sweat runs down like raindrops. In order to feel cooler, we usually choose to drink a little ice water or eat an ice cream to cool yourself. So is it true for running?
Why does
make up for water before and after running?

first, water is the source of life. We want to drink this thing students all know; secondly, running is a movement of energy consumption in the process of running, accompanied by sweating phenomenon, resulting in our lack of water body, so need to be supplemented; more importantly, it is summer, if not in motion, in hot weather we should continue to add water to ensure the body not to avoid water, we said the old adage "summer lit" or heatstroke phenomenon.

then do you drink ice or hot drinks when you run in the summer?
In fact,
is a special summer running temperature, running due to movement between consumption and improve our body temperature, summer indoor temperature is higher, so the summer running aim is to make our bodies do not water, ensure running safety, it is also for our body to cool down, to prevent heatstroke.

scientific research found that drinking special ice drink is actually in the natural reaction you sweat and temperature regulation, if before running or running after drinking ice drink, will make the stimulus to our sensor in the stomach, let us have the nerve to tell our body "the temperature is cool, thereby reducing the sweating rate. Warm or hot drinks can significantly increase the rate of sweating, in the face of outdoor sports in the cold weather, better warm-up; in the summer before running a hot drink, can help you to send a signal to the heat of the body, the body will increase the sweating rate to cool itself, this may help you avoid heatstroke under normal conditions.

according to the above research, we found that ice drink can make us feel cool in taste, but it is useless for our body in motion. It was supposed to cool the body and run more safely and comfortably, and drinking ice would be counterproductive, making you very uncomfortable. Moreover, when the body temperature is higher, ice drinking immediately will stimulate the stomach and heart. People with bad stomach will suffer from diarrhea. If this goes on, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases.

so the runners have to be careful,

hot summer, running not Tanliang drink ice drink. (monkey t treadmill)

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