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to tell you the truth, now say that something happened between art and fashion of the two, it is "a commonplace talk of an old scholar". Although fashion is "cheap" and gives us the most recent distance contact an art, but also as the image, painting and music carrier of various art forms, it is "symbiosis" and "complex" two concepts. But for us, not like scholars to discuss what relationship between the
because we contact but also those brands and artists (Art) cooperation. High fashion houses and artists' cooperation, its gold content whether you admit it or not, there are still people in the bag, even if the price is not beautiful as in the past. The long-term cooperation between LV and Murakami Takashi although already ended, but the words "bought can be appreciated". However, these brands like most of us see also really is. But to the small area, from most of our daily wearing street clothes, and the artist (Art) of the joint is not less than those. Between the Supreme and the art of joint cooperation, is already set a series of well known, of course there are many other brands are no longer one by one example.
We consider
as the field of fashion art has since "perpetual motion" motionless, will emit a certain brand of cooperation with other artists, with their works of art, the update frequency is not meant it all really so simple? So, we are not canmimic, making some of their art X brand cooperation? Next, we found a hard, even if you are not in this circle must also know the artist KAWS.

KAWS x Campaign
May you hear the name
, wondering how he is, "yes, I'm sure KAWS was recently mentioned, most of the artists. Whether it is Asia's largest KAWS Exhibition "from" end point or not, we expected to Biao "price" of the KAWS X Air Jordan 4 shoes, every aspect is enough to show that he is now in the end how much influence from all walks of life.

for KAWS, the most familiar and most contact should be those X eyes of the cartoon image, and these spoof cartoon characters is not his early work. The earliest KAWS art image from the streets, by way of graffiti, wait for the advertising industry development gradually, he began his artistic direction transfer to the field of advertising, the New York Pavilion fashion posters posters throughout the two creation, adding their own iconic graffiti image.
It is said that
KAWS was a headache, often without action, maintenance personnel will start work not completed, graffiti after the whole posters to replace, then KAWS gradually became famous brand creation, graffiti also gradually recognized, to actively seek for cooperation. So the creation of the TOMMY HILFIGER, Ca>

Liu Tao's son's daughter is out of the mirror. The daughter robbed the treadmill.

A few days before
, husband Liu Tao, Wang Ke, took a photo of the micro-blog, and determined to lose weight. Later, Liu Tao forwarded micro-blog and "ordered" to say that the Merman line was to be seen a month later. In May 3rd, Wang Ke updated micro-blog's photos of a pair of children running on a treadmill, and complained that they wanted to lose weight, but they were seized.

in April 30th, Wang Ke took a photo of the micro-blog through the sun, and said, "I think I'm fat, and let you see it!" The photos show that Wang Ke's clothes are all wet and can be seen as a result of the exercise. Later, Liu Tao forwarded the micro-blog and said, "is it sure not to wash the face water?" Give you a month, let me see the mermaid line. "

18 points and 08 minutes in May 3rd, Wang Ke updated micro-blog's photos of a pair of children running on a treadmill, and complained. In the photo, the daughter wears a long shawl and wears a white skirt on the treadmill. It runs beautifully, and the brother is running nearby. It can be said that the whole family is going to battle.

, after the exposure of this warm micro-blog, the netizen sob a voice. There was a message from the netizen: "if you don't exercise well, you can blame me for my little goddess. The reason is not true. The Merman line must be seen a month later. " "Don't make excuses for laziness. You forget that you are fat." Haste to lose weight, brother-in-law. " (I am MIHR)

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