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in the middle of October, a shoe factory owner of Huang Town in Huidong ran on foot, hung on the wall of the office, "business flourishes", and the calligraphy and painting was also picked off. Several young people were ready to take over the shoe factory which had closed down. Huidong County People Club Bureau of statistics, this year the county has more than 60 shoe factory boss on videotape, but the industry believes that the more than 6000 shoe enterprises in more than half have half closed, the boss run away over 200 people, and the next few months the situation more severe according to statistics, peak period, Huidong has more than 6000 a shoe, 260 thousand employees, annual output of 900 million pairs. But in the spring of this year so far, he is known as the "Red Bay corner, Chinese shoescapitalquot reputation of Huidong, is experiencing a hitherto unknown winter. The personage inside course of study estimates, more than half of shoes enterprises in semi - closed state, hundreds of shoes factory owner run away. However, Huidong County Bureau of human resources and gives the data, since January this year, the county has a total of more than 60 shoe factory boss spies on the time were 6 months or so, the peak time, the day reached 8. And no matter which data is more reliable, "how do you live this year?"" Premature OEM opportunities continue to be weak, forced to transform the licensing of domestic sales difficult to force, Huidong shoes go where? No one can predict where it will go. [ ]; situation; the first half only live one month of dependence on foreign trade company OEM orders, is like a poison, let Huidong the footwear industry have yet to stop. in 1981, a Hongkong man named Li Binghao returned to his hometown in Huidong to do business, the first shoe factory in Huidong, Huang Town now, thousands of Huidong shoe enterprises to break through the limitations of few family workshops, still plays the role of oem. Qin Hua Huang Town is located in the shoe factory near the beach road, the most common type belongs to the manual shoe factory in Huidong, started when the workers around the simple wooden table, the vamp and sole bonding, i foamposites for cheap n order not to make workers feel tired, the speaker in rolling play a strong rhythm of the music. 10 years, Qin Hua operating mode is as follows: from Guangdong, Shenzhen, Dongguan trade company orders, and then find the yellow port street sell shoes material supplier credit, in accordance with the command of a version of the master trading company's model version, and then ordered dozens of men and women, according to the version of the hype overtime. In good condition, a month can do 100 thousand pairs of shoes, 40 yuan for each pair of goods, 4 million yuan turnover, remove materials, money and artificial money, he may earn 100 thousand yuan. however, this 100 thousand yuan to really put into their own pockets, also need to smooth it, the risk is that the trade company is likely to tell him "unqualified shoes", "delivery time delay", more terrible is the flyTime: 2007-02-28 16:05 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association news: click on the Russian Federation Ministry of industry and energy department said 20 days, the annual accounting shows that in 2007 January the Russian industrial production growth reached 8.4%. Russian Federation Ministry of industry and energy pointed out that, at the same time, manufacturing production increased by 17.3%, food production increased by 24.6%, leather and footwear production increased by 33.8%, building materials production increased by 36.3%. The Ministry of industry and energy said that in January, the Ministry of industry and information administration of Russian Federation said on the 20 day that the annual accounting showed that industrial production in Russia increased by 8.4% in 2007 January. : the Ministry of industry and energy of Russian Federation pointed out that, at the same time, the manufacturing industry grew by 17.3%, food production increased by 24.6%, leather and footwear production increased by 33.8%, and construction materials production increased by 36.3%. Ministry of industry and energy said in January, the mining industry production growth is relatively small, an increase of only 4.2%, the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water quantity (by unusually warm we Cheap air jordans for sale ather) also decreased, only reached the level of the same period last year 89.5%, despite the industrial manufacturing industry still achieved growth. : the Ministry of industry and energy of Russian Federation pointed out that the forecast of social and economic development before 2009 showed that the growth rate of industrial production was expected to be 4.2% in 2007, while the growth rate of industrial production in 2006 was 3.9%. (editor in chief: admin) according to Taiwan media reported on: the United States and South Korea on June 30th signed a free trade agreement, the two sides are expected to two hours, the beginning of the nine year implementation; chugu Taiwan exports to the United States is only affected by the amount of $two billion, is more serious with the U.S. firms investment will flow South Korea, may face the market and technology problem of the loss of the future of Taiwan high tech firms. the US South Korea free trade agreement covers the scope and scope of agriculture, industry, consumer goods, automobiles and financial services, the largest free trade agreement signed between the United States and foreign countries in fifteen years. According to estimates, South Korea's GDP will increase by two percent, exports to the United States will increase by $ten billion, and foreign direct investment will also increase by $forty billion. The South Korean Institute for international economic policy has even assessed that the Korea us free trade agreement has become a new driving force for South Korea's economic growth, with an estimated seven percent growth over the next seven to ten years. in the United States and South Korea signed a free trade agreement, Taiwan's Ministry of economic affairs chugu, may make Taiwan economic growth loss hundred thousand five percentage points; in addition, in South Korea to strengthen investment and technical cooperation, will also exclude American investment in Taiwan. the amount of trade affected by Taiwan was approximately $two billion, or about five percent of Taiwan's total exports. Taiwan economic research report commissioned by the Ministry of industry pointed out that the U.S. - Korea Free jordans on sale online Trade Agreement on Taiwan's export industry the greatest impact is mainly traditional industries, including textile clothing, bicycles, plastic and rubber shoes, which is only five categories of imports of textiles and clothing and shoes products, six products, exported to the United States will therefore reduce the amount of about $eight hundred and forty million, the total output value of Taiwan two hours, six years of textile industry in six point one percent, Taiwan will reduce more than ten thousand of the employed population. however, the academic research report that, by the impact of the $two billion refers to "will have direct competition" industrial output, but does not mean that the value of $two billion will be replaced by South Korea, because Taiwan will have strategies and production adjustment should be. : as for the most competitive information electronic products in Taiwan and Korea, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that due to the signing of the zero tariff agreement between Taiwan and the United States, it had little impact. But the concern is that South Korea FTA content listed investment changes, offer a discount for both technical and investment cooperation, Taiwan a lot of high dependence on the US technology transfer agreement may be subject to exclusion, transfer the impact of future American investment in Taiwan and the current intention; therefore the Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan US bilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement. To promote the work as the first column. (responsibility editor: admin)The return of Adidas EQT product line is retro sneaker enthusiasts of the gospel. The coming autumn and winter of 2014, Adidas EQT Running Support 93 EQT will be hit again "take the lead" shoes. After the announcement of a color scheme, the adidas also released the blue and white with dark green with two colors, the color of the overall soft collocation makes people feel very comfortable, believe that Adidas EQT Running Support 93 will be in favor of consumers. 1409120474081_720x450.jpg (118.13 KB, download number: 0) download adidas EQT Running Support Blue& 93; Green 2014-8-27 14:59 upload 1409120474546_720x450.jpg (3 jordan 3 katrina 2018 9.64 KB, download number: 0) download adidas EQT Running Support Blue& 93; Green 2014-8-27 14:59 Adidas EQT Running upload, Support, 9300repeat the prelude is now the Nike Kobe series, and how long do we have to wait for the Nike LeBron series? There is no need to worry, because there are still a lot of samples that deserve our understanding before this huge signature series. At present, this white based color of LeBron 3 Low has not been commercially available, with details dotted with fluorescent green. Like Lebron series of friends should pay attention to! source: Dragon seven play soccer Air Jordan/ Nike Tiempo 94 Mid Air Jordan Pack upcoming classic color / New Balance MT580 Revlite comments on last article: playing football Air Jordan/ Nike Tiempo 94 Mid Air Jordan Pack will be listed next article: classic color / New Balance MT580 RevliteNew balance will introduce LIMITED, EDITION, CM1700 super limited classic shoes.Html", target=", _blank", 〉, running shoes in May 29th. This is the first year of engraved version also has a sense of grey degree of moisture full of blue tongue, 1700 is the first year to label format design. Starting price is expected to 17850 yen, or about 1350RMB. [page] subtitle #e# [page] subtitle #e# NB engraved, launched ultra Limited Classic running shoes, classic black and yellow color Dunk Hi shoes review on an article: NB re engraved, launched ultra Limited Classic running shoes next: classic black and yellow color Dunk Hi shoesreleased the first in New York; PUMA NETFIT, is a brand new shoe technology, the system has a unique. The net surface and personal material blend of high order engineering design system, and improve the design of ventilation givers, net surface is mainly to adjust the material to use the shoelace, and let to fully control the function of sports shoes. Good at free adjustment than the body of the shoe instep support, comfort, style, demand, form, all can find matching. and PUMA take the application of NETFIT technology in different types of brand shoes including IGNITE NETFIT, Speed IGNITE Netfit, TSUGI NETFIT, Limitless NETFIT and so on, including all the life by the motion tra Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ck and field, the fitness room to the high streets and back lanes. PUMA HK earlier especially bring a first experience of NETFIT LacedUp activities, so that guests can wear new shoes for different sports, so as to understand their own shoes and with the one and only band technique, big cousin Liu Wen as PUMA spokesperson, also attended the event, the big show legs. about a series of PUMA NETFIT will be officially launched in July 1, 2017. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!New York fashion name UNIS in order to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the establishment, in particular with the shoe brand Projects Common launched a joint project. To classic Achilles LDL as a blueprint, the shoes in the design of the continuation of the common projects consistent with the simple style, made of leather shoe body together with the sole to clean all white show and Unis logo from the extracted green into the inside, supplemented by insole and is followed by a bronzing logo and coding embellishment. Priced at $$435, at present, the shoe can be purchased through the UNIS online shop. source: UNISAmerican fashion designer Thom Browne recently brought the new Black Nubuck Tricolore Derby Shoes for the 2015 spring / summer season. The use of high-grade Nubuc leather and combination of production, with black as the keynote, and will sign the red white and blue across the shoe body, with heel Raben echoes, simple and neat. In addition, soft leather, inner and sole ensure the comfort of wearing. more Thom Browne information punch: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! AV Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper come new year Shawn Yue endorsement three bars, his AJ how to bask? Talking about the relationship between celebrity endorsement and brand development I don't like to buy money at home! Will you play high-end sneakers? By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! ADI, eventually 10000 yuan shoes wang! But these eight pairs of high price shoes are not happy, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - SuperStar 80s DLX imitation old white gold black label retro ASICS Gel-Lyte V15 men's retro shoes , concise and without details of the Spanish environmental women's shoes, EL Naturalista ideal wear, feel New Balance CRT300, launched classic tennis shoes comments on last article: concise and without details of the Spanish environmental protection women's shoes EL Naturalista next article: ideal wear, New Balance CRT300, the introduction of classic tennis shoes new shoes from Nike, Kobe, A.D. variations whether you are obsessed with his music, just out of love and dedication to the shoes, hip-hop king Wale in the minds of shoes fans occupy a very lofty position. A few days ago, when the Washington DC native singers performing in Losangeles Palazzo Hotel LAVO, that is to show the world a pair to the second half of this year will launch the new Nike Air Max 24/7. Not long ago, Wale was named one of the most famous footwear celebrities by fashion magazine Complex. He was able to identify the fans' love and enthusiasm for them. In the next few weeks, NBA battle shoes Wang will also release this Nike, Air, Max, 24/7 more exquisite intelligence, please pay attention. Source: Battle shoes Wang hip-hop star; Wale's latest LAVO show; shoe show Reebok; popular Japanese hot shoes comments on last article: "hip hop superstar", Wale latest LAVO show, shoes show next: Reebok popular Japanese hot shoes Nike Sportswear.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Sportswear seems to be interested in the series in the spring of 2010, combined with attempts to design two or three colors, as shown by the two pairs of new products is the proof. The Nike Air 180 on the left is a mixture of white mesh fabric and leather, and is painted with black and yellow green, which is novel and attractive. Look at the right side of the Nike Air Max ST, this pair of shoes is very likely from Paris fashion brand Oqium, white / Grey / black three mixed color to very healthy wind like this, to reflect on the vamp Purple / orange light, it is their most good style. These new products will be listed in the spring of 2010, Nike Sportswear grand sale, more follow-up wonderful reports, please lock NBA battle shoes wang. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike 2010, Air, Max, new, preview, Halloween, colors, Nike, Air, Max, 90 comments on last article: Nike 20〉Nike SB Trainerendor new color release 2014-10-19 13:12:39 Last year, the popularity of models popular fame Nike SB Trainerendor, has once again released a pair of new color, overwhelmed by the choice of designer black suede with dark green mesh material to create shoes with black velcro iconic and light Grey midsole made shoes overall trend both breath and movement, want must be one of the rare shoes this season, while its excellent rating and renewed Jiaogan is allowed, it is learned that the shoes will recently landed store, like a friend to look at it. & nbsp; NBA regular season shoes reported 11.26 2013-12-09 00:07:02 Today the NBA conducted a total of nine games, the Pacers 98-84 home win over the Timberwolves, Pacers continuation of four straight two-game losing streak while sending the Timberwolves; Celtics team five players in double figures, 96 -86 win over the Bobcats; Jennings scored 15 points and 13 assists, helping the Pistons 113-94 win over the Bucks former team; James scored 35 points, 509 consecutive regular-season games scoring in double figures, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ranked Historical Fifth, the Heat to 107-92 win over the sun; rocket away reversal Grizzlies 93-86, won two straight; 112-93 victory over the Spurs at home pelicans, celebrate the 11-game winning streak, unbeaten at home this season; Nate - Robinson distal outbreak, chopped 11 points, the Nuggets away 110-96 victory over the Mavericks; reimbursement Ross once again the season, the Bulls 83-89 overtime loss to the Jazz, lost its fourth straight; Anthony scored a game-high 34 points and 15 rebounds, still can not stop the losing streak, the Trail Blazers to a 102-91 home force Pinckney Alex. Come and enter today's NBA regular season sneakers report. Paul - George: Nike Kobe 8 System & nbsp; Gerald - Wallace: Jordan Superfly 2 - Michael Kidd - Gilchrist: Jordan Melo M9 LeBron - James: Nike LeBron 11 German - Wade: LI-NING WoW Encore Tony - Allen: adidas D Rose 4 Dwight - Howard: adidas D Howard 4 & nbsp; Brandon - Jennings: Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low Nate - Walters: Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Dirk - Nowitzki: Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Darrell - Arthur: Air Jordan 10 Monta - Alice: Air Jordan 7 Manu - Manu Ginobili: Nike Zoom Hustle & nbsp; Anthony - Morrow: PEAK Lightening Iman - Shumpert: adidas Top Ten 2000 & nbsp; LaMarcus - Aldridge: Nike Air Max Hyperposite JR- Smith: Nike Zoom Kobe 7 Earlier introduce this pair of Nike Kyrie 1 "BHM" of available information, today the network has brought us more of its kind according to, so that we can enjoy more close look at its beauty. Black and white color rendering whole body of the shoe, the heel use totem to create a national flavor, contains a whole history of meaning, and the perfect exterior design is allowed Nike consistently uphold the minimalist style, I believe that the court shoes will certainly add a touch of unique color. It is reported that the shoes will go on sale January 19, priced at $ 130, item number 718820-100. Nike SB Dunk High PRM "Flash" charm struck 2015-09-15 17:00:53 & nbsp; Nike SB Dunk High PRM series as the trend of casual shoes have a good popularity, and now the series introduced a Nike & nbsp; SB Dunk High PRM "Flash" new color debut. The shoe in black suede to create a low-key athletic, add 3M reflective elements doji flower on the upper, from afar like a star-studded night screen people to see them all, the whole pair of shoes, yet simple atmosphere highlights , I believe will be the trend of many people's choice. It is reported that the shoes will soon be officially on sale, like a friend might continue to focus on it.