Tiddie Mouse
harnser 2

Tiddie Mouse is an old Wilderness Water Rat Trail Boat, She was built in 1977 and has had much refitting work carried out on her. She is a bit unusual as she has had the front part of the cabin cut back to give a foredeck area behind a soft cover.

In a rash moment of madness we bought Tiddie Mouse in June 2002 complete with trailer from a gentleman in Boston. Before we could bring her home we had to fit a new wheel bearing on the sellers drive. When I jacked up the offending axel the wheel simply fell off onto the drive as all the balls had disintegrated. It took a couple of hours to remove the races and fit the new bearings, a job that should be done in 10 minutes.

Towing it home was a bit harrowing, anything over 40 mph and she tried to pick the Range Rover up and shake it.

The plan now is to do a complete refit on her as well as upgrade the trailer


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