harnser 2

Mooring rope

A 4 mtr. mooring rope with an eye spliced in each end and carried at the stern of the boat can come in very useful when mooring up.
If there are mooring rings the one eye is hung over the rear bollard, the rope threaded through the ring and the other eye then placed over the bollard. The stern is now secured and the bow can be moored with the normal bow mooring line which can be adjusted for length.

When waiting for a lock to fill while going down hill one eye can be placed over the mooring post on the bank and the other on the stern bollard. The boat is now secure and you can raise the top padles and open the top gates, when you return to the boat there are no knots to untie, just lift the eye off the post.

If mooring to piling pass the rope through the mooring hook and put both eyes over the rear bollard, slip the hook onto the piling and then go forward and moor the bows as normal.

Mooring Pin Storage

Plastic pipe clips intended for supporting copper plumbing pipes makes a very useful Mooring Pin storage system.
Screw a 15 mm clip to the bulkhead for the point of the mooring pin to stand in and a 20 mm clip above it to hold the shank of the pin.

Boarding Plank

Cut a hole in one end of the mooring plank so that it can be dropped over the stern mooring dolly. This will prevent the plank being lost overboard when passing boats cause your boat to move of for it to slide as you walk up it.


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