Our Boating History
harnser 2

The first time we hired it was a boat a boat from Pinkridge for a week. There was just Diana, Benny the dog and myself. We didn't intend to go from Pinkridge and had hired a boat from Dumhapsted, but unfortunately that boat wasn't returned on time and the yard arranged for us to have a boat from Pankridge. This meant we had a bit further to go to get to Worcester but we had a 4 berth boat instead if the 2 berth we had booked.
We went down to Worcester so I could visit Natasha my daughter and it rained every day except the day I was visiting her, but even with six days of rain we were bitten by the canal bug.

The next year we had a boat from Weedon for a week travelling South as far as Berkhampsted, taking my son Nicolas aged 14 and my daughter Natasha 13 plus Benny our black Labrador with us. The kids had bunk beds in the stern cabin but Nick decided to sleep on the floor with the dog.

We had the same boat the following year but this time it was Diana’s mother and the dog that went with us. This time we travelled North on the GU and up the Ashby

In 1991 we were to hire a boat from Whitchurch By now we had Rolo the chocolate Labrador as well as Benny.
We went up the Llangollen and then did a bit on the Shropshire Union Canal as far as Nantwitch.

Our last holiday in a hire boat saw us complete the Avon Ring, It was whilst we were on this cruise we stopped overnight in Stratford Basin where we were invited onboard a boat I had been admiring. It was a shared ownership boat run by a company called Share-a-Boat. We both found it very impressive and even felt it looked a bit posh for us, fitted carpets and things, not like the hire boats we were use to.

This holiday was bit of a change for us. Normally we would only have one week away, but this year we decide to follow our boating holiday up with a week in a holiday home. This was a converted stable in Shropshire called "The Bee". It was here that a Collie from the adjoining farm bit Benny; unfortunately he took it badly and died in the following September.



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