Door Stays
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Magnetic Door Stay

The door stay on the door between our Engine Room and our Boatman’s Cabin is magnetic. It comes in two parts, a stork with a magnetic globe on the end and a cup to receive the globe.
The advantage of this type of catch is that it works at any angle from mounting the stork on the floor or ceiling to mounting it on a wall or bulkhead, the cup is mounted on the door and because its a sphere and cup they always meet exactly.
These are available from “Screwfix” item No: 81566


Plastic “Child Proof” Cupboard Door Catches

We used these plastic catches to hold our shower screen open when not in use. We had to mount it on a wooden block to give sufficient clearance for the screen to sit against the wall


Magnetic Catch

Magnetic Catch

Magnetic Catch

"Child Proof" Catch

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