Fosse Locks
harnser 2

Saturday 29 June 2002
We left our moorings at 6-45 pm and arrived at the top of Calcutt at 9 pm where we moored for the night.

Sunday 30 June 2002
We pushed off at twenty past ten and cruised down to just before Fosse Lock 22 where we winded at quarter to four. we then retraced of steps to bridge 25 at Long Itchington and tied up for the night at ten to six. I then got the bike out and cycled back to Bascote locks to lock wheel for Julian who was bringing “Slow Motion” back from Worcester single handed in the pouring rain. He was hoping to do Worcester to Born End in 5 long days. Once he had caught us up we all went for a meal in the Two Boats at Long Itchington.

Monday 1 July 2002
We left The Two Boats at 9.30 am and arrived at The Folly, Napton at 1.45 pm where we waited for the rain to pass before heading back up the flight to our mooring. This took most of the afternoon and we didn’t reach the top until quarter to nine that night.

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