We Take my Mum and Dad  for a Cruise
harnser 2

Monday 22 July 2002
We left the moorings at 7 pm with my mum and dad, the late start was due to shopping in Southam and moving the deck furniture about so they cold sit in the front deck and see where they were going, not where they had been. As we moor facing north the first job was to wind, it was while we were doing this that Magic (the black dog) fell or jumped off the front deck. We only went to the top of Marston Doles locks and moored for the night.

Tuesday 23 July 2002
We set off at 9 20 am and moored for the night at Cropredy just through bridge 155 at 5 45 pm. Mum and Dad had a pleasant walk down the Claydon flight as they were able to rest on the many seats down the flight. The day had been a bit overcast with some sunny periods.

Tuesday 24 July 2002
We pushed off at 10.15 am and had a short stop in Banbury to buy a paper. As we approached the shopping centre there were some women and children sitting on the seat. We were most surprised to find that one of the children was Bethan, my grand daughter with the child minder. She had recognised us and the boat as we moored up, well before we saw her and she is only 5. We had lunch in BHS’s cafeteria and before returning to the boat my mother insisted in buying a present for the boat. The only thing we could think of was a smell battery alarm clock for our cabin, to be used on the odd occasions when we NEED to get up in the morning. We continued on mooring for the night near Somerton Deep Lock.

Wednesday 25 July 2002
We started a bit earlier today 8.45 am. and no we didn’t set the alarm clock. Our first stop was the water point at Lower Heyford. While we were filling with water mum and dad went to buy souvenirs at the boat yard just through the bridge, they also had to buy sun hats as by now things were warming up out on deck. We winded a little further along the canal and headed back to Banbury to meet my son and his girlfriend. When it became clear that we wouldn’t make it in time we phoned them and suggested we had a BBQ if they could bring the food. We moored up at Twyford Bridge one of the few places you can access the canal along that stretch and got the BBQ hot ready for them

Thursday 26 July 2002
Today was even hotter and we were on the move at 7.50 am We stopped for a while at Fenny Wharf where Natasha and Bethan had come to meet us. We did consider stay there for the night but as the weather was so good we decided to carry on. At Marston Doles Top lock Diana lost her grip of the windlass and it spun round hitting her on the hand., it was a good job it was an alloy one as a steel one may have caused her more pain. We arrived back at the moorings at 9 pm and Diana drove into Southam to fetch a Chinese take away which we ate onboard.


Friday 27 July 2002
After packing up we left the boat at 12.30 and headed home via Marsworth as I wanted to show mum and dad the large carp that live in the canal by the pub.

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