harnser 2


27 February to 5 March 2004 Blacking
We cruise to Wharf House Narrowboats, Braunston Bottom Lock to be pulled out for blacking.

30 March to 14 April 2004 Abingdon
We take friends Dave and Sheila from Lowestoft for a trip on the Thames for a few days ending with an egg hunt at the Blue Lias.

21 May to 5 June 2004 Wendover Festival
The journey starts by going to the bottom of the Watford flight to meet Fringilla and then off to the Wendover Arm.

19 June to 5 August 2004
This was quite a long cruise going across to Saul Junction Festival , back to Black Buoys for the AWCC 40 Anniversary celebrations and then down to Limehouse Basin before heading back via Julianís at Born End.

15 August to 5 September 2004 Barton Turns
We visit a cutweb GIG at Barton Turns Marina and then on to the IWA National at Burton on Trent.

21 to 23 September 2004 Cropredy

27 - 30 October 2004 Braunston

24 December to 4 January 2005 Christmas and New Year
Christmas Day on board and then a cruise to Elkington on the Leicester Arm.


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