Fenny Compton with the family
harnser 2

Saturday 17 August 2002
We left the moorings at 2 pm and just moved the boat to above Marston Doles Top Lock. I then cycled back and picked up the car, drove back to the boat and picked up Diana before heading off to Oxford for a meal at The Lock Fyle Restaurant with my Grand daughter, daughter, her husband and his parent. After eating Diana and I then drove back to the boat where I dropped her off before taking the car back to the moorings and cycling back along the towing path to the boat in the dark. I do not recommend cycling along towing paths in the dark in rural areas as you cant always see the edge or the brambles hanging out.

Sunday 18 August 2002
Set off just before 9 am and arrived at Fenny a little after 11 am. where the Whitaker tribe were waiting for us. We loaded up and winded to head back towards our moorings stopping for a BBQ for a couple of hours near the Wormleighton radio mast. I then drove the Whitakers back to Fenny so they could pick their cars up.

It had been a sunny day with a few clouds preventing it getting to hot, a perfect day.

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